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Bed Guidance Machinery for RBM Enables Farmers to Complete Tasks Speedily

Author: David McGrath
by David McGrath
Posted: Feb 21, 2017
bed guidance The RBM or raised bed farm management has been tried and tested and derived fruitful results by modern farmers and the achievements are astonishing when you compare it with the conventional style of farming. The raised bed allows farmers to be economical in the use of water, organic fertilizers and time. The soil management of the fields get better by the use of the method and the bed guidance machinery invented for the purpose hugely supports this form of agriculture and get the best out of the soil without draining its nutrients. Soil conservation is important for sustained cropping and due to poor management of soil farmers struggle to raise crops in increased quantity, but the machinery help them keep the soil healthy and ready for repeated farming. There is a range of bed guidance machinery, farmers will require when they resort to RBM and they would include Bedformer, Bedlocker, Power Weeder and other tools and accessories that can be attached to your tractor for operations. The Power Weeder is designed for multipurpose as it can take care of seeding, fertilization and weeding with amazing speed and at a time can tackle three beds by one single operator. The machinery is built for bed guidance as it allows several operations with speed and accuracy. The machinery like the power weeder is to completely eradicate the intense and complicated operation of removing weeds from the crops and the piece of machinery is the pivot around which the entire operation of growing crops revolves. Without bed guidance machinery it would prove difficult to conduct RBM with ease. The machinery takes a huge load off the farmers and prevents using more manual labour as they take care of forming the farm beds, locking them, seeding, weeding and fertilizing the crop with manpower of just one. There is a misplaced notion that the raised bed forming method is limited to kitchen gardens, flower gardens and campus gardening and for smaller amount of vegetables grown for domestic use. by learning the RBM methods a farmer can do intense farming without corrupting the soil with chemicals and conserve fertile soil for the next crop by recycling. With a high percentage of water conservation the method proves to be thrifty when it comes raising crops in draught areas.
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Author: David McGrath

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