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How can an enterprise benefit from a private mobile network

Author: Kaira Kapoor
by Kaira Kapoor
Posted: Feb 22, 2017

Two-way communication is a fundamental need for human beings. For enterprises, it is a service which caters to create your own wireless network in your enterprise for conveying information.

Running a cellular network isn’t only restricted to major carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile.

When it comes to connectivity needs, an enterprise can leverage a private network to ensure seamless communication.

A private mobile network overcomes the obstacles of network congestion by running on a pre-configured rapid deployment unit (RDU) for transmitting and receiving calls. The unit supports handsets, each with an extension number. A private mobile network can be configured into a public network with a backhaul link and meet the operational needs easily with the portable nature of an RDU.

Let’s take a deep dive to look at how enterprises can benefit using a private mobile network.

Advantages of a private mobile network -

1. Voice and data cost benefits

One of the primary advantages of a private mobile solution is significant cost savings by reducing monthly call costs as all internal calls over the mobile network for the same cost. Colleagues can call over the corporate network without incurring additional call costs. The call costs from external destinations would be charged as company’s normal landline tariff.

2. The ability to operate as PBX extensions

The ability to operate as PBX extensions

An organisation can manage staff mobile phones on the corporate telecom infrastructure by combining PBX functionality such as extension dialling and private radio push to talk feature. The PBX feature can be customised to ring at both PBX and employee mobile handset. The calls can be diverted to the employee’s handset after receiving no response on the PBX extension.

3.Go wireless

The private network can be managed using 2G GSM and 3G UMTS protocols, providing access to voice services using mobile handsets. The private network can also replace the PBX to create a fully wireless workforce within the coverage area. The resultant is a stand-alone solution to provide communication services. In a private mobile network, mobile handsets can be used to make internal and external calls along with sending SMS, similar to a standard mobile network.

4. Reduced response time

A standard method would be to utilise a normal mobile network, however, due to sheer network traffic, there can be a restriction on communication. For an enterprise to function effectively, increased productivity and workflow is essential. With a private mobile network, a connection network can be setup in minutes and serve as a strategy to reduce the response time.

  • 5.No network issues

For enterprises, it can be a game changer. Delays in starting a task or project can be avoided with the usage of mobile devices to enhance communication. Furthermore, congestion and call drops due to lack of coverage are common problems in the public network. A private mobile network is an added advantage which offers flexibility and control to administer the network.


In today’s world where messaging apps are taking the lead for private communication, desk phones for official communication don’t deem fit. Private mobile networks enable immediate network availability with the ease of providing portability over mobile phones. The workforce can become fully mobile within the coverage area.

Support your business continuity with a private mobile network. If you are confused about how to set up your own, Omoco is there to solve your needs. The network-in-a box solution offers the ease of connectivity with the choice of handsets and smartphones.

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