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Expectations vs. Reality When You Have a Toddler

Author: Christine David
by Christine David
Posted: Nov 30, -0001

How many times have you see a toddler making a scene in a shop and you thought – my kids will never do something like that?

Does it sound familiar to you?

When we decide that we want to have kids, we all start to create an idea about how our life is going to be and how we are going to educate our children. You create a list of expectations that you are sure are going to happen exactly like that. However, be prepared! It does not matter how well you plan it, nothing goes according to the plan. Furthermore, once you come with the baby at home, everything is going to be different than you have expected. Everything!

Therefore, while it is good to make plans and set goals, it is essential to be realistic. A baby is a human being and it is normal that some things do not go according to the plans. What is more, when your child grows and becomes a toddler, the routine you got used to while he or she was small will change radically. Thus, be prepared to embrace change and adapt to it.

What To Expect When You Live With A Toddler

v Eating Habits

  • Expectation: you have planned for your baby to eat only organic, home-cooked food and nothing that contains sugar.
  • Reality: if you review your expectations’ list when your child is already a toddler, you will definitely laugh when you read this item. Of course, you will not exaggerate with sugar, but most definitely your toddler’s diet is going to include something else than just organic and homemade food.

v Your feelings when you become a mom

  • Expectation: it does not matter what is going to happen, you will always feel full of love for your child, without any exceptions.
  • Reality: the love for your child is immense, but there will be many times when this love will be combined with stress, doubt, or fear. These are normal feelings that will appear as your child grows up and you will definitely find the strength to cope with them.

v Going with your toddler in the public

  • Expectation: your child is going to be different and he or she will never start crying and screaming when you are going in a supermarket for a shopping session.
  • Reality: tears, occasional kick, or foot stomping – these will appear on your list. Kids are all the same and there will be always one moment when he or she will make a scene like this when wants to obtain something from you.

v Sleepless nights

  • Expectation: you are determined to not having a problem with a couple of sleepless nights. After all, you stayed until 5 am in the morning at many parties. What could be so bad in having a couple of nights without sleep while taking care of your baby?
  • Reality: does sleep even exist when you have a baby? But, when he or she becomes a toddler, will this period of coming to my bed every night end?

v Baby’s room

  • Expectation: my baby is going to sleep in his or her room from the beginning. Once he or she becomes a toddler, my child will love the toddler bed I prepared and will sleep all night in it.
  • Reality: things are very different when you will bring your child at home. In the first stages, you will be constantly checking how he or she is doing and you will eventually bring the baby in your bed. When your child becomes a toddler, he or she will become a constant "visitor" in your bed and you will start looking for tricks to convince your kid how fun is to sleep in her or his bed.

All in all, being a parent is cool even though expectations do not always meet the reality. You will notice that in time your child will understand the routine you prepared for him or her and everything will run smoothly. In the meantime, be prepared to embrace change and a bit of chaos. It will not harm you at all! If you are interested to move with your toddler, you need to consider having one of these best baby carriers online.

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I am Christine David from new York.I am a house wife. In my free time i love writing and post articles.

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