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Theory Of Science Behind The PIZZA Box

Author: Pooja Maurya
by Pooja Maurya
Posted: Feb 25, 2017
pizza box

Everyone would have seen the pizza box. But not many of us have thought about why it is designed in that particular way? Why is that specific material used? Every day millions of pizzas are rolled in pizza box does it impact our environment?

There is brief history in evolving the present-day thermostat pizza box. Earlier reusable containers, cardboard boxes and simple carry bags were used to pack the takeaway pizza. By the time, it reached the consumer, pizzas would have turned soggy/hard with messy topping & cheese. Eating cold disformed pizza were for sure not a satisfying thing for users.

To overcome all the above problems face by consumers, there arises a need to design a highly resistant, affordable, storable, thermally insulated pizza boxes. The boxes should also have the feature to regulate humidity and must be suitable for packing edible stuff.

  1. Easy to Stock: To avoid storage space and for compatibility, today's pizza boxes come as flat cardboard boxes, which can be easily transformed into 3D containers with few folds. The flat foldable feature of pizza box makes it easy to stock.
  2. Affordable: The cost of the box will have apportioned and will be finally paid by the consumer. Unnecessarily the consumer should not be burdened with extra expenses; the increased prize of pizza may reduce its demand. At the same time the pizza maker cannot incur the cost, hence the pizza box container should be cheap. As a solution, simple cardboard material is used to build the body of a pizza box. The cardboard is made with both solid fiberboard and a single wall corrugated board.
  3. Resistant: Pizza comes in different sizes, and an average medium size pizza could weigh up to 500grams, thus the box should be strong enough to hold the pizza intact. The geometrical design along with the material used in making box gives it required stability to hold the pizza. The folds made in walls of the boxes are connected at the edges to increases its stability.The corrugated – the wave structure of the cardboard adds to the strengths of the box.
  4. Humidity regulator: Pizzas are packed directly from oven/furnace after the cutting, if it is airtight the steam generated tends to condense and leave pizza soggy, to avoid this, round hole is incorporated here and there which will allow the steam to leave the box leaving pizza crispy. Just the way it must be.
  5. Maintaining Quality of pizza: Extra care is being taken by giving the upper case inner lining of a cardboard box with a thin lining of aluminium foil to avoid the influence of cardboard box in changing the quality of a pizza by absorbing the oil and flavours as the cardboards have absorbent nature. If aluminium foil is used beneath pizza, it will make the crust heat and steam locked between foil and pizza base turning pizza soggy from the base.
  6. Pizza saver: with the use of all the above technique they could find a solution for holding pizza crispy, but it was not sufficient as pizza didn't have any grip on base. The movement would make the cheese and topping stick to the top of the inside part of cardboard. Then the pizza saver was invented, Pizza saver is a 3 to 4 fork circular 1.5inch heat resistant plastic stand pierced in middle of pizza which extends over and above pizza thus avoiding the lid to contact the pizza toppings. Half the cardboard from the base has higher thickness whereas the lid portion is slightly thinner allows identifying which side top just by sight.
  7. Heat saver: Most of the pizza deliveries promise hot pizzas. But it is not always that consumer stays next door to pizza, most of the time the distance and traffic delays make it challenge to deliver hot pizzas. To ensure that heat is not lost in transit, special bags are used which an inbuilt electronic heater which constantly keeps inducing low heat during travel.

With the above materials and design, today's pizza makers can deliver hot, crispy pizzas intact with toppings. However, it’s not the end; innovations are constantly keeping up the competitiveness of the industry.

We at Green Handle provide the pizza boxes that are cleverly engineered pack and designed in wedge shape giving it a stop to square conventional box with a detachable end which apart from keeping pizza fresh, crispy, hot and intact also facilitates easy eating without dirtying the hands and supports to store it cleanly for later use.

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Hi everyone, My name is Pooja Maurya. I love to write about everything and anything, but I really love to write about on Ecological product and Environmental Issues.

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