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Do I Need a Multi-function Heat Press Machine

Author: Andy Cullen
by Andy Cullen
Posted: Feb 28, 2017

The thought of multi-function heat presses like a "6 in 1 heat press" is the fact that rather of purchasing multiple machines, like a cap press, mug press, plate press & flat press, you can easily purchase one press to complete each one of these products.

The press was contributing the way in which for 4 in 1 & 6 in 1 multi-function machines may be the Geo night DC16 Digital Combo. It’s a well-crafted heat press built from solid steel (individuals Americans don’t like lightweight equipment, threadable in the back so that you can dress clothes within the bottom table & press them the proper way around. It's 2 " of clearance, meaning you can press an array of products including thicker products like plaques boards & tiles.

The swap out process is simple and quick, and every one of the various components of the press is very well built and reliable. That being stated, despite a reliable brand like Geo night, multi-function combination presses aren't for everybody, and you will find drawbacks.

To begin with, would you require a plate press (or in some instances two sized of plate press), a hat or cap press, a mug press along with a flat press?

One method to view it, is when what you'll need at this time is really a reliable and capable flatbed heat press, you very well may be much better focusing your present budget about this, particularly if your financial allowance is restricted, and add other machines to include further strings for your bow later on.

If further lower the road you finish track of various items like a flat press, cap press, mug press & the like, this brings by using it extra benefits over having a combination press.

For those who have standalone machines as opposed to a dual purpose machine, and your presses develops a fault, your production is just effected for your particular product. In case your cap press comes with an issue, it doesn’t affect your manufacture of clothes, mouse mats, plates, mugs, key rings, iPad cases, etc.,

However for those who have a 5 in 1 press also it develops a fault All your production is defined on hold before the press is repaired. Because of this, it might appear much more vital that you select a well-known and reliable brand if you are buying a combination press.

For those who have standalone dedicated machines for every product type, your potential volume is unhindered, however, if you simply get one press your general production volume or even more popular products is potentially hindered by less popular products.

For instance, let's imagine that you simply discover that the majority of your orders are suitable for flat products for example mouse mats, tea towels, cushion covers and so forth, and you've got a large number of products to accomplish - and you get one cap to press.

When you’ve faffed about swapping the heads over (that is never as quick or simple as it might seem to be, and perhaps you have to wait for a platen to impressive a minimum of to some extent), the number of-of the popular products would you have pressed?

Also for those who have a few useful products which span a few machines, for example, let's imagine get decent orders for mugs and t-shirts simultaneously.

For those who have a set press along with a separate mug press, your production speed will probably be much better than should you be using attachments on the multi-function press meaning that you're restricted to either mugs or flat products at any one time.
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