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5 Best Self Help Books to Find the Key to Happiness by Building Self Confidence

Author: Nick Lonski
by Nick Lonski
Posted: Oct 15, 2018
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All of us can recall one point in their lives where we literally hit rock bottom, we do not look forward to anything and even if something good is happening to us, we end up self-sabotaging and basically get stuck in an endless cycle of misery. There is nothing unnatural in feeling this way, where you forget what happiness even feels like, especially during those difficult times of one’s life where we are getting to know ourselves like our teenage years or where we feel the need to rediscover ourselves, the famous middle age crisis.

Happiness is a like a drug. Once we have experienced it, we are willing to live our whole lives looking and trying to find a way to experience one of those euphoric moments once again, even if just for a little while. The question most often asked is, how do we find happiness? We have to work for our happiness sometimes, and we have to recondition ourselves to be optimistic, so we see the best of what we have. Usually, we have to work to increase our self esteem with a positive mindset, so we focus on positive thinking. But how we do that? Simple! Read our list. We have a compiled a list of top five self help books that can help you find happiness.

#1 - Find Happiness The Fast Way: The Ultimate Self Help Book to Relieve Anxiety, Stop Negative Thoughts and be Happy by Adopting a Positive Attitude by Christian Connor

This ebook tops our list. It is a small, easy read of 57 pages titled "Find Happiness The Fast Way". The book offers a promising title but it also delivers in 57 pages what other happiness self help ebooks fail to do in 200 or more pages.

The book describes happiness and means to achieve that happiness. It elaborates on why even though we spend our whole lives searching for it, somehow we always fall short. This book provides a step by step process that you could employ to attain the happiness that always seems to elude you. It also includes little tips and tricks that are sure to make you rethink your perceptions on life and make you really observe life with a positive mindset.

As the title suggests, the book also narrates ways to relieve the anxiety that seems to make you helpless and get rid of your negative thoughts by helping you adopt an optimistic positive mindset and increasing your self confidence.

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#2 - Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This paperback book is about happiness by the famous author of Eat Pray Love. In this book, Gilbert motivates us to get rid of our fears and let our natural curiosity guide us as a means to achieve happiness. The author shares her unique creative process, her habits and her wisdom which when applied can help us achieve happiness.

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#3 - The Happiness Makeover by M.J Ryan

The Happiness Makeover ebook provides exactly what the title suggests, it shows us a way to rewire our brain in a way that helps us find those hidden jewels of happiness, that were there the whole time. It also teaches us how to let go of any grudges we may have held consciously or unconsciously so we can experience true joy like never before.

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#4 - Your Life Manual by David Ambrose

This is a simple book about finding happiness and boosting your self esteem. Unlike other self help books, this book is free of the technical jargon that confuses a reader. It narrates simple tips and tricks that can be easily applied into our daily lives so we can be happy and achieve our true potential.

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#5 - The Zen Commandments by Dean Sluyter

This ebook is different from other self help ebooks because it does not promise you things like if you do this you will be happy etcetera. This books explains the simple principle that happiness is not a destination, happiness can be experienced anywhere, be it stuck in traffic or waiting outside an appointment, you just have to open your heart.

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Well that's it!

This top 5 books have everything you need to find the key to happiness, adopt a positive optimistic mindset as well as building self confidence and self esteem.

Please let us know which of these you like the best in the poll below, thank you!

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