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Four Best Ways To Create An Impressive Mobile UX Design

Author: Melissa Crooks
by Melissa Crooks
Posted: Feb 28, 2017

When it comes to a standard mobile app UI design, having too many options doesn't count. Typically, a small, attentive audience and an even smaller device screens entail that your mobile design remains fast, easy to use and are less bulky.

Now, you might wonder how to get it right with all these attributes. Think no more of this post will highlight to you the four best ways to create an Impressive mobile UX design.

Stay With the Rules of Interactive Design

Let's say you have limited screen space; it doesn't mean you shouldn't flow with or prevent you from going along with the principle of interactive design. No! Rather you should stick to the principle and have an easy mobile screen layout. How to do this?

Objectively Focused Design: This means creating the design for the right user persona. Also, showcasing in-depth user research as well as goals for the users.

User worthy: Here, you should ensure that your app is easy to use so as to make the experience easy for users.

Relevant Signifiers:. Here, it's all about ensuring that your signifiers are not complicated and that users find all functions pertinent and efficient.

Instinctual Learning: Ability for users to learn how to use the UI design with just a click is every designer's desire - and this is sometimes made possible by the right usage of design patterns.

Feedback: Gives the ability to know of a task was done or not. Feedback is received from little sounds, animated figures, the opening of the separate window, etc. Easy and fast comprehensible feedback usually come out great on small devices.

Knowledgeable Users

Naturally, users are the center drive of all the constraints in UX design. So, it is vital to know your user's in-depth knowledge for creating an objectively focused UI. Here are the important areas to consider in this regard;

Personas: Means of knowing your user behavior by creating personas with their details.

User Context: Creating scenarios and settings to determined users behavior in various circumstances.

Mapping Experience: Creating a situation where you can interact with users to ascertain reasons behind experiences and reactions.

App Onboarding

App onboarding is usually the most important part of your app. It helps determine how a new user sees your app for the first time. After all, you are quite familiar with the saying 'the first impression is usually the final print". So you need to consider things like, what do users see when they come onboard for the first time?

Their experience with the app for the first time and what lasting impression do you intend to make? Keep in mind that once they leave your app without finding anything important, they are likely not going to return, especially as the competition is vicious with Google and the likes offering the money back guarantee with every new app purchase.

Teach new users how easy it is to take advantage of the app. Do a tutorial whenever you can and make it clear what the app entails. Let users know what they stand to gain from accessing it.

Take Down Unnecessary Features

UX app is most times established with little or no features (essential to its functionality). To ensure that your UX app remains straightforward and efficient, strip off any unnecessary features and if needed, select only the key ones to avoid overload.

The post by Melissa Crooks, Content Writer at Hyperlink Infosystem - mobile app development company.

About the Author

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company in India as well as California and New York, USA.

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