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3 Basic Questions Everyone Should Be Able to Answer

Author: Jiten Kr
by Jiten Kr
Posted: Mar 01, 2017
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Yoga has become very popular in today's life. People want to adopt this ancient practice to feel its lot of benefits. When you start yoga as a beginner, you should be able to answer some basic questions about yoga. First, you should know 'what is yoga and what it can do', then follow it. People start yoga and join many yoga teacher training programs to deepen their practice and get the real benefits of yoga. There are more than 20 million people was followed this practice since 2002 in the US. It is a series of poses that you can do with breathing techniques.

Every person who follows yoga should be able to answer these basic questions:

What is Yoga?-

Yoga is an ancient and spiritual practice to unite your mind, body, and soul. It is a group of physical postures to cure your body and mind and also improve your spirituality. It is an art of living (lifestyle) to be healthy and fit. Yoga has eight limbs-

  • Yama- These are the rules of the moral code.
  • Niyama- These are the rules of personal behavior and purity.
  • Asana- Yoga postures.
  • Pranayama- These are yoga breathing techniques.
  • Pratyahara- It means withdrawal of the sense.
  • Dharana- Concentration.
  • Dhyana- It is a practice of meditation.
  • Samadhi- It is a state of liberation (merging with the divine).

What yoga can do?-

Yoga can heal your body and improve your immune system to fight diseases. It has a lot of physical, mental and spiritual benefits and can do everything that you can do with gym and much more. It makes you strong, flexible, relieves stress, improves overall wellness, calms your mind and improves your capability to work more. When you practice yoga with breathing techniques, you feel its real benefits and improve your overall health with spirituality.

What is a yoga teacher training?-

There are many yoga schools in India that teach yoga teacher training courses all around the world. A yoga teacher training program is designed according to the level of yoga students and their body limitations on the basis of duration. As a beginner, you can join a 100 or 200-hour yoga program. You should join a program according to your body needs. These courses help you to deepen your practice under the supervision of an expert yoga teacher. In your class, your yoga teacher helps you to take your body in a proper shape of alignment of a pose.

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