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Tips to Pack Your Cubicle for an Office Move

Author: Alina Ivanov
by Alina Ivanov
Posted: Mar 01, 2017
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Your company has decided to move office, so now you have to pack your own cubicle or office and make sure you will have everything in boxes on time. It’s very likely you don’t know with what to start, so let us guide your cubicle relocation process and give you these very useful 5 tips. Your goal will be to move your cubicle or office without disrupting your workflow too much, and still be ready when the business movers come to load up the boxes.

1. Start by packing your personal items

If you’ve been working for this company for some time, you probably have quite a few personal items in your desk’s drawers or on the desk. Make sure you pack your personal items first, including photos of your loved ones, coffee mugs, plants and everything else that you’ve brought to office from home or received as gift from colleagues. You probably will manage without your personal items for a while, so place them in a box and label them correctly to know where to find them. Don’t hand them to the movers though. Instead take them home and bring them back to work only after the moving process is completed. This way, you can be sure they won’t get lost along the way.

2. Organize your file cabinets

This will probably be the most time-consuming task to do during office relocation, but only you can do it properly because you know your files better than anyone else. So, roll up your sleeves and start from the top drawer. Take it file by file and don’t stop until you reach the lowest drawer. Organize your files using rubber banding to keep them together and tags of different colors. If you’re not lucky enough to have vertical file cabinets, so you can leave them all inside during the moving process, place them in a plastic bin. Make sure you also back up digitally your hard copy files by scanning them.

3. Check all desk drawers

Remove everything from your desk drawers that is not absolutely necessary to your daily work routine. You can get rid of out-of-date paperwork, as well as broken pencils and used highlighters. Handbooks should go too unless you will still need them. If you don’t have a modular workstation and you have received an actual desk, empty the drawers completely before and locked them before the movers will move it.

4. Pack electronic and office equipment carefully

Since all electronics and office equipment come with wires and cables, the first thing you need to do is pack them carefully. Remove each cable one at a time and zip them up in individual baggies, labeled accordingly. Make sure you protect computers, phones, and routers, as well as printers and faxes during office relocation by packing them in blankets and bubble wrap designed especially for this purpose. Each item needs to be packed differently. You are going to need used cardboard boxes, packing paper and tape, bubble wrap and permanent markers. Keep an inch or two of space between the sides of the box and the item and fill it with packing paper or peanuts. Seal the box with several layers of tape.

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