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How to declutter your kids’ room – without them noticing!

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Mar 03, 2017

As any parent will tell you having children opens your house up to a whole new level of clutter. It will creep up on you, until suddenly all your storage is bursting at the seams and you have nowhere to put anything. The problem is that once children get to the toddler stage and can express an opinion, decluttering can be a tricky business, as they can get attached to toys, even those they have grown out of or simply no longer play with. And, of course, the minute you try to get rid of them they suddenly become most treasured possessions. This means decluttering without them noticing, so here are a few handy hints to help you complete this seemingly impossible mission.

Go it alone

In an ideal world, decluttering without your children around is the easiest way forward, and whilst this is certainly and option with school age children, it’s a lot harder to do if you have younger children. If you can arrange for them to be out for the day, then it is well worth doing. Then you can declutter and rearrange everything in peace!

Good storage

Invest in a few storage boxes, or a good quality storage unit, these can really help with decluttering. Put some toys that you want to keep out of the way for a while and then rotate them with other toys to offer your child a brand-new selection of toys on a regular basis. Once you have this system in place it will be easier to declutter toys on a regular basis


This is the key word to a successful decluttering. Do not do it all at once - little by little will work much better. Work your way through the storage one area at a time. Empty the toys out - if you are lucky your child will find a long-forgotten toy and run off to play with it, leaving you clear to get on with sorting. Remove all the broken toys and put them straight into the bin. Next, sort out any toys your child has outgrown. If you are planning more children it might be worth keeping them, so box anything worth keeping up ready to store away. If you have a lot of baby items; toys, cot, pram etc. and nowhere to store them, then consider putting them into cheap self-storage, to help declutter your home.

Remember, if you remove a significant number of toys from the room your child is likely to notice. Place long forgotten toys that you want to keep, or those they have not had a chance to play where they can see them. This should help to distract them from noticing things are missing.

Get rid of the evidence

The last thing you want is for your children to realise that you have decluttered so make sure that anything you want out of the house is taken to the charity shop or put into self-storage before they find it and carefully unpack all your hard work. Remember stealth is your weapon in the decluttering mission.

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