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Why Women’s Flat Shoes are Superior to Other Shoes Forms

Author: Fabuloxo Xpace
by Fabuloxo Xpace
Posted: Mar 05, 2017

Society places a lot of expectations on women in terms of looks. There is an expectation for women to live their lives to appease aesthetically, leading to a form of objectification. This objectification can be quite harmful to women’s health, especially if the aesthetic trends are taken too far.

One of the aspects of such aesthetics is shoe selection. There are certain forms of shoes that women are expected to wear, especially for classy looks. One of those would be high-heels, or even heeled shoes in general.

In our opinion, not only are those horrible, but they are also highly impractical.

Abandon high heels for a more practical wardrobe.

A more practical wardrobe involves dressing for comfort and convenience. Of course, this does not mean that we are encouraging you to forget about looks. You should be looking good and hygienic enough, especially if it is a boost to your confidence levels. Yet, convenience should be a priority.

This is exactly what you get with women’s flat shoes. Women’s flat shoes are designed to make sure you can "walk properly", instead of simply prancing around in fancy looking heels. Such shoes can be conveniently worn in all locations, especially if you are the type to go out often.

Safer and healthier.

In addition to the comfort, those shoes are better for your health. Wearing tight shoes and high heels are harmful on your feet. You place too much stress on your feet with the awkward stance you must walk in.

Women’s flat shoes are also perfect for safety and long-distance walking. For safety, wearing flat shoes allows you to better maneuver and get away from danger. You can easily quicken the pace of your movement with flat shoes. This is not something you will find with high heels.

Cost effective.

Flat shoes are most cost-effective than other forms of shoes. You don’t have to pay much money to get the shoes you need. They are also easier to clean, and there is less worry in maintenance.

Due to the cost-effectiveness, you can replace the shoes whenever you wish. Additionally, those shoes were designed for heavy use in the first place. Wearing cost-effective shoes is best for your daily errands, without risk of "snapping a heel off" when walking.

Now, regardless of all the benefits mentioned, we’re not saying you should demonize high-heel shoes. We’re not saying you should forget about them completely. We’re simply saying that such shoes should be set aside for "very special events". Such shoes should only be used once or twice a year, and only when you really have to.

Wearing regular shoes will always be beneficial to you in the long-run. Even at events where you have to wear "classy shoes", women’s flat shoes will make the event more pleasurable for you. The lack of pain and ease of mobility ensure that you live a life and enjoy events without excessive discomfort, or without care for minor looks that do not matter.

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