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Things You Need To Know About Safety Razor Blade Cartridges

Author: Andrew Williams
by Andrew Williams
Posted: Mar 07, 2017

Safety razors are said to be the greatest invention since men started shaving. They have evolved over the years from single blade (and double edged) to 3 blade and 5 blade razors, promising with an ergonomic handle and pivotal head, a razor that will negotiate the contours of your face effortlessly giving you as close a shave as possible.

3 blade and 5 blade razors aim to give a closer shave than single blade razors. The mechanics behind the system is that the first blade hitting the hair, is a blunt one and its function is to lift the hair forward and out. The second blade on the 3 blade or 5 blade razor comes along directly behind and cuts it close. The third cuts even closer and there you have a perfect shave. Most times, a set of micro fins to smoother the skin before shaving (to avoid the bumps that cause nicks), and a lubricating strip (to aid a smooth shave and skin afterwards)also accompany razor blade.

To a certain extent it is true a 3 blade razor or a 5 blade razor gives a close shave comparable to the double edge safety razor shave or even the straight blade shave. As few people have the patience with a double edge safety blade, this is a safer option and quicker too.

How often should they be replaced?

How often you buy razor blades online depends on how you have been treating, the blade after the shave, and how you have been preparing for the shave. If you use gel for shaving, and clean the blades carefully after each shave, they can last up to a month sometimes, but on the other hand, that cannot be used as a standard. A blunt blade causes nicks and razor burn, and is one of the main causes for acne.

Which is better – A 3 blade or 5 blade razor?

Pros of a five blade over a three blade razor

  • A five blade razor gives a closer shave than a 3 blade razor, and is recommended for thicker hair growth
  • A five blade razor wouldn’t require that many repetitive strokes like fewer blades do.


  • A five blade tends to aggravate ingrown hair problems and the consequential razor bumps.
  • A five blade cannot be maneuvered around the contours of the face as easily as the lesser blades.

All said and done a few tips like these would be helpful in getting that perfect shave:

  • Shave along the direction of hair growth
  • Always rinse your razor after every stroke
  • Rinse the razor in hot water after every shave
  • Avoid cutting too close to the skin if you are prone to ingrown hair.
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