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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Going For Kitchen Remodeling In Pittsburgh

Author: Capital Real Estate Construction
by Capital Real Estate Construction
Posted: Mar 07, 2017

Taking up the project of remodeling your kitchen can be such an exciting time! This is the place where you get all your food inspiration from, the place where your entire family gets together to enjoy and have a meal together. Wouldn’t it be great to design this place just like you want it to be?

Yes - Pittsburgh PA kitchen remodeling can be all that, and more!

It can also be a chance to make grave mistakes and end up creating a space that is too costly, not productive and not your own!

It is easy to go overboard in the excitement of the project which is why, it would help you to identify some common mistakes early on so you can avoid them when the time comes. Here is a list of the most common fallacies that one may commit as a homeowner during a Pittsburgh kitchen remodeling project:

Identity crises

More often than not, homeowners tend to create a kitchen space that just doesn’t match with the rest of their home or their own preferences. They see something in a magazine or on a television show and choose to design their cooking space in its image. If you have a 50s ranch style kitchen, don’t try making it into a contemporary cooking space. Stick to its real identity and make the tweaks necessary to get the place to truly come alive with style.

Forgetting the trends

While it is important to preserve the existing identity of the space during a project for kitchen remodeling in Pittsburgh, you also cannot hope to ignore the trends completely. Things like waterproof plantation shutters and eco-friendly installations can make the space all the more hip and functional, making you the proud owner of the most up-to-date kitchen in town. Be sure to keep an eye out on what the latest kitchen décor and development trends are.

Wrong floor plans

If you do have the budget to rearrange appliances, make sure to keep your floor plan in mind. Does it follow the natural triangular traffic pattern between the refrigerator, stove, and oven? Is the dishwasher next to the sink? It should be, because otherwise, you create a mess every time you walk across the room with a dripping dish in your hand. Keep this fact in mind when going for kitchen remodeling in Pittsburgh.

Trashing everything

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make while remodeling their kitchen is taking everything and throwing it in the bin! This one move can inflate your remodeling budget ten times. Instead find ways to make your existing fittings more interesting and stylish. Painting your cabinet doors and changing the top of your kitchen island is all that is needed to make your cooking space look different and appealing. Think about it!

So choose from the above options and create a beautiful cooking space for yourself in your house. To have the best team of experts handling your project of remodeling your kitchen and bath in Pittsburgh, visit


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