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Sizing Plays an Important Role When Purchasing Cremation Urns

Author: Monica Montana
by Monica Montana
Posted: Mar 08, 2017
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At most of the reputed online shops of cremation products, you will find that Cremation Urns are found in different sizes, apart from styles and materials. Although checking out each and every feature of a product beforehand is quite important, sizing should be your top priority. That’s because, no matter how beautifully crafted a cremation urn is, if size is not correct, it isn’t worth buying.

The rule

It is very important to convert human pounds into the quantity of human ashes in order fit in a particular size of urn. The entire cremation industry follows a measurement convention to determine the size of urn you need to buy. Let’s take a quick look at it.

Rule for finding the right size of urn - 1 pound of body weight = 1 cubic inches.

To illustrate it -

Let’s suppose that your body weight is 150 pounds. Then according to the formula, you will need a cremation urn that can hold 150 cubic inches of cremated remains.

What if you buy a larger urn than required?

In case, you have purchased an urn that is bigger than the size you need, there is absolutely no problem, provided you want to keep it at your home itself. Just make sure it is not smaller than needed. Do you need to consider sizing when purchasing Pet Cremation Urns? Well, of course, regardless for who you are buying a cremation container, whether humans or pets, sizing is always important.

What other factors to consider when determining size?

Apart from the body weight of a deceased person, there are some other important factors to consider as well.

  • What is the amount of ashes you intend to hold in an urn, all or a little bit?
  • Do your family members want you to share the ashes among them?
  • Do you want to keep some amount of the cremains in cremation jewelry?
  • Do you want to buy a companion urn?
  • Will you bury the urn in a family plot or mausoleum?
  • Will you keep the urn in a niche?

These are some of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to buying a properly sized urn. You might be wondering whether you keep an urn at your home or a columbarium or at any other place, how sizing effects your selection. It undoubtedly does. Knowing where would be the resting place of an urn will help you choose the right size of urn, in regard to the permitted height and width of that place. A little example will help you understand it better.

Suppose - you have decided to keep the urn in a mausoleum or bury it in a cemetery. In that case, you have to follow some rules. What if the cemetery allows 200 cubic inches urns and not more than that? What if you have purchased an urn that’s bigger than the allowed size? It will make things more critical and you might have to reconsider the last disposition plans. So, choose a size according to the determining factors.

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Monica is a prolific writer in the field of spirituality and enlightenment. She has more than ten years of experience in writing the articles and blog pertaining to urns, departed soul and life after death.

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