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What to consider when wearing a suite?

Author: Mazen Aloul
by Mazen Aloul
Posted: Mar 08, 2017
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Suits are the mark of professional wear for gentlemen. A suit defines class and brings out the essence of a man with a remarkable personality. It is often a necessary condition for men and women to wear suits at work in order to present themselves as trained and educated professionals indulging in activities that promote professionalism. But it doesn’t end there, suits are commonly worn at formal gatherings by men. It is also said that suits help you look slimmer, smarter and elegant at the same time. But there are certain things that should be kept in mind before you choose to wear a suit.

The first thing to be kept in mind is the pressing of the suit. You have to make sure that your suit is pressed either by a professional or it would be better if it is steam pressed. This makes every cut and crease of your suit to lie in place. If the crease of your suit is out of place you might turn up looking like a complete imbecile.

The next thing is the fitting. Your suit should be a perfect fit according to your body. If your suit is very tight you will have a hard time breathing and your body parts will stick out of it in an inappropriate way. Alternatively, you don’t want your suite to look too baggy once you put it on!

Another thing one must keep in mind is the changing trend of style and fashion. If you end up wearing a 70’s suit to a party you surely are going to become a center of attention but trust me you won’t like it. The style of your suit should always be up to date and according to the latest trends.

Now a suit looks incomplete without a tie. Tie’s come in various designs. We have a variety of bow ties that go well with tuxedos and then there are the slim and long ties and the short and broad ties, printed ties and plain ties. When wearing a tie the color and contrast should be kept in mind. With sober colors of suit ranging from light grey’s and blues and browns one can opt for darker shades of ties and when wearing dark colored suits you can opt for light shades of ties. Black suits are most commonly worn with red ties and black bow ties.

When wearing suits it is necessary to wear belts and the colors of the belt are equally important. The color of the belt should be the same as your suit. It brings about a camouflage effect. If the color of the belt is different than the suit it will immediately drag all the attention to it which is a rude gesture. Although there is a new trend of wearing funky belts with funky suits but that’s not for formal wear.

Taking all that into consideration, you might want to consider this Suite Wearing Guide for the best impact when dressing up!
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Author: Mazen Aloul
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