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Aluminum Foil Tape Supplier in the Middle East

Author: Asmita Lokhande
by Asmita Lokhande
Posted: Mar 09, 2017

Due to the solid adhesive nature of the aluminum foil tapes, their demand is increasing across all over the world. These tapes have got their values in every field including commercial, residential or industrial. Innerfix is one of the leading manufacturers of these aluminum foil tapes. All of its products are manufactured using high-end technologies, and the utmost care is taken to maintain the quality of the products.

Innerfix tape distributors in UAE

Bin Dasmal General Trading is the leading Innerfix tape distributors in UAE. It has been able to maintain clients from all over the world due to its high quality products. There are a lot of aluminum foil tape suppliers in UAE, but the products of Bin Dasmal General Trading are in great demand. The customer satisfaction is highly ensured with the products of this company.

Aluminum foil tapes are the best tapes that are available in the market nowadays. These tapes are coated with a sensitive acrylic adhesive along with a soft aluminum foil in the back. Due to its easy usability, these tapes are highly preferred in various operations like de-paint, seaming, sealing, light enhancement, chemical masking, heat reflecting, heat shielding, etc.

There are many important facts associated with the aluminum foil tapes like:-

-It comes under the category of UL 746 C with a low flammability record.

-The soft aluminum backing over the tape helps it to fit over every kind of surfaces including uneven and curvy surfaces.

-These tapes have properties like light and heat reflective surfaces which protect the surface of the material.

-Aluminum foil tapes can withstand high exposure to Ultra violet rays, moisture, weathering, and flames.

-It comes with a highly engineered acrylic adhesive which offers an efficient durability of the product.

-It offers a good resistance to various chemical operations and protects the surface of the material.

-These aluminum foil tapes are mainly used over temperature sensitive materials as the tape helps in dissipating the heat from the material and also improve the cooling and heating efficiency of the material.

This aluminum foil tape manufactured by the Innerfix has got a lot of applications in different fields like:-

-These tapes are preferred over the plastic surfaces in order to protect the plastic material.

-These are used in the attachment process of refrigerator and freezer coil.

-These tapes sometimes act as a great moisture barrier for some sensitive materials.

-Due to its heat shielding and heat reflecting properties, it is used over some materials which have delicate parts.

-The light reflecting property of the tape enables the light enhancement over the surface of the material.

-Aluminum foil tapes are used in splicing of thin gauge foils and are also used in chemical milling.

Apart from all the properties and applications, there is one reason why this aluminum tape is highly preferred in the markets, and the reason is its high resistance power to withstand the effects of humidity and high heat.

The tape mainly dissipates the heat over the surface and reduces the hot spots, which protects the surface from the effects of high heat. The coating of the acrylic adhesive also prevents the surface from the exposure of heat up to 300 degree F. This type of tape provides an excellent indoor life by its resistance to humidity, moisture, and other weathering issues.

Bin Dasmal General Trading, the leading aluminum foil tape suppliers in UAE, has been providing this service to its clients for a long time. Clients from all over the world refer Bin Dasmal General Trading as the best supplier because of the high quality products and excellent customer services.

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