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How to Crack Bpo Interviews

Author: Jitender Ahuja
by Jitender Ahuja
Posted: Mar 09, 2017

How to crack BPO interview

There is an abundance of skilled and talented people, but still, they fail to get the job they deserve. Do you know why this happens? Well, it is because they lack the skills and confidence to crack an interview. There are several job options available nowadays as more and more outsourcing companies are entering the scenario. The most popular job that usually gets outsourced is a BPO job. You can get a handsome salary if you have the skills.

While working for a BPO is a nice way of learning, at the same time cracking an interview can be tricky. It is quite challenging, especially if you don’t know how to answer the questions in a perfect way. Yes, it is hard to know what exactly one needs to prepare for.

Here are some tips that will help you to crack BPO interview:

  • Collect complete information about the company - The most important thing is that you must know that what are you up against and what your prospective company expects from you. Collecting ample information about the company and the interview process should be your main goal. This will help you to get the clarity of thoughts as you would know that in which context the interviewer will ask the questions.

  • Get prepared for Behavioral analysis – Most companies are nowadays are very keen on including the behavioral analysis as a part of the interview. In this kind of analysis, the interviewer usually asks questions that can help him (or her) to gauge whether you are emotionally stable or not. These can be the trickiest questions of them all. Make sure that when they ask you such stuff, don’t panic! Just be calm and come up with positive answers every time.

  • The right balance between preparation and confidence - Everyone knows that Preparation is very important part of cracking a job interview, however, there should be a perfect balance between preparation and confidence in your own abilities. Well, the problem is that If you rely only on your preparation and dig too deep, you might lose you boldness and confidence that you need to present yourself during an interview.

    The interview can be really tough sometimes, mainly because of the multiple rounds of screening involved. Hence, you need to be a smooth operator to deal with such situations. When it comes to inbound call center solutions, it becomes even more important as you have to understand customer’s problem and empathize with them.

Here are some of the expected questions and the best ways to answer them:

Tell something about a BPO and also tell what do you know about the company?

It is important to know about BPO in general and the company and you must know about the job profile. An appropriate answer to this question will make an impact on the interviewer straight away.

Why have you left your last job?

Be careful with this one and don’t say any callous words against your last employer or the other people. Don’t say that you want a better salary. Just come up with a positive reason for leaving the last job. Say something like you are here for growth or a job that can challenge your skills.

Why should we appoint you in this company?

This question is all about finding out your strengths and weaknesses according to him (or her). Make sure you should not flaunt; just be honest and specific to answer this one.

Communication and positive attitude are the two pillars of call center Industry.Therefore, with good communication skills and positive attitude, a BPO interview could be cracked comfortably.

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