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8 Amazing Benefits of Using a Nursing Pillow

Author: Nishant Gupta
by Nishant Gupta
Posted: Oct 24, 2017
nursing pillow

There are many reasons why nursing pillows are so popular, but one of the main is that they make breastfeeding much easier and comfortable both for moms and their infants. In addition to comfortable breastfeeding, a nursing pillow also offers several other benefits, of which some are listed below. Also known as a feeding pillow, a nursing pillow:

Helps You Get the Right Latch:

The most important thing while breastfeeding is getting your baby properly latched on to your breast. A feeding pillow is designed to raise your little one up closer to your breast so that he could get a healthy latch. Thus, your baby receives the maximum amount of breast milk possible, which is inevitable for a successful feeding session.

Prevents Common Nursing Issues:

Breastfeeding, if not done properly, can lead to several painful nursing problems like sore and cracked nipples, blocked milk ducts and engorgement. Even, an improper breastfeeding posture can also cause a number of health issues, including constant back and neck pain, arm numbness and migraine, to a nursing mother. A nursing pillow keeps you away from all these problems.

Provides Baby Relief from Colic and Reflux:

Feeding your little one without propping him up properly can make him suffer from colic, reflux, and other digestive problems. Providing an adequate support and ensuring a right posture, a feeding pillow allows you to keep your baby’s head higher than his tummy, which eventually helps your child avoid all the gastrointestinal issues.

Provides Support After C-Section:

If you’ve delivered your baby via cesarean section, then a nursing pillow will prove a boon to you. This is because a feeding pillow not only protects the site of your incision against whatever may come into contact with it but also provides comfort to strained and sore abdominal muscles. In other words, it helps the place of incision heal faster.

Is Great for Tummy Time:

Apart from Breastfeeding, nursing pillows can also be used to enhance your baby’s tummy time, which is recommended for at least half an hour every day. Strengthening neck and back muscles, a regular supervised tummy time saves your child from flat head syndrome and also improves his hand-eye coordination. A nursing pillow is definitely a great item for tummy time as it props your baby up and thereby strengthens his neck muscles.

Makes Pregnancy Painless:

Of course, you can use a nursing pillow even before your baby is born to make your pregnancy comfortable and less painful. Especially in the final trimester of your pregnancy, when it becomes very difficult for you to bear the weight of your baby, you can make use of a feeding pillow to support your back.

Proves Helpful in Bottle Feeding:

Nursing pillows are not just meant for breastfeeding mums. They can also be used when bottle feeding. And if you're weaning your baby, they will prove extremely helpful for you. Furthermore, a feeding pillow makes it easier for other family members, like Dad, Grandma or Nanny, to feed your infant.

Helps Your Baby Learn to Sit Up:

After a few months of birth, when your baby attempts to sit on his own, a feeding pillow can be used to support his back while sitting. Maybe you don't know but nursing pillows were initially designed to prop up infants who are not able to sit on their own. Later, women started using them for nursing purpose and thus, they came to be known as nursing pillows.

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