Bubble Soccer, a Strangely Interesting Entry in the League of Entertainment Sport

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Posted: Mar 10, 2017

No one can tell for sure whether an egg came first or the first chicken that hatched from it. Thankfully, the paradox of bubble soccer is slightly less dense than that. If you are seeking the answers to the origin of bubble soccer, then the most logical start should be at zorbing. In all probability, there is hardly at all any contact sport like it at this moment. If you have not read about this before, we are talking a certain sport in which players get inside a plastic bubbling and race towards one another. Brace for impact for there is more. This mashup sport of rugby or American football and zorbing has only one rule. You rush, you collide and you roll over.

A sport ideally designed to produce copious adrenalin rush, this contact sport unlike most has been freed from the physical pain and limitations. Thanks to the huge cushy bubbles, players do not get knocked off. Instead, the plastic bubble produces a funny, but very protective bubble around each player that makes crashing into one another sheer fun. Even when you fall off and roll on the grass, you don’t get a scratch or a cut. Though the makers have borrowed heavily from zorbing, the bubbles of this rare kind of sport do not encapsulate the players through their height. The legs are still left free for them to run and tackle.

What makes the sport so much fun is the balletic grace with which the players tumble over on their front and back. If you are fortunate enough, you may be upturned into a backflip. It may take you a while to have the ground beneath your feet from that awkward posture, but until then, enjoy free kicking in the air. Players asked about their experience exhilaratingly associated it with that of being a turtle, particularly when turned upside down. However, the full body thrust with fellow players is what makes the game so much fun.

Perhaps the most extraordinary variety of soccer, bubble soccer is a very recent thing. This 2 year old sport has made a name for itself around, and through many parts of the world. Entertainment centers have already included this bizarre sport in their list of activities and like laser tags, it has moved up in the list of popularity. As for the norms of the game, it closely mimics real soccer. The players are briefed about the rules at the very start of the match. Every participant needs to make a suit up before they enter the field.

However, the game doesn’t reach the peak until the madness in the field flourishes. You are allowed to be aggressive in your trotting and tackling, but chances are you will have very little luck with scoring a goal. Instead, you may find yourself running into someone every two minutes or rolling over helplessly on a bubble back most of the time until someone comes to rescue. Nevertheless, if you are up for some rambunctious fun, this is your sport.

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