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Author: Shruti Ss
by Shruti Ss
Posted: Mar 13, 2017

The previous article "A brief view on bounce rate" has described information of bounce rate:

Let’s brief it here also, bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions on your site, a measure of viewers who leave from the same page where they entered without landing to another page.

In order to reduce bounce rate, you must make your website attractive. When the visitors land on your website, you should make them to be interested and driven to explore your content and your brand.

let’s look at some of the top reasons for why high bounce rates happens?

Low loading speed:

According to modern people 99% percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 99.9% percent visitors leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds. Nobody likes waiting for so extensive! It’s quite obvious that fascinating a potential customer is hard enough with slow loading speed because directly they will cut and move out from your site.

Lack of call to action:

This is the main reason for why visitors bounce from your website, when the visitors landed on your site don’t make them to struggle with a lack of call to action buttons on what they should do next?

A "call to action" is something that designed to get a website visitor to take a next action smoothly.

Single-Page Site:

Single Page Websites are basically long, including too many scrolls where all the content contained on a single page. The more content you squeeze into your one page design (images, text, videos), the more time a website takes to load. Google hates heavy pages as they take too long to load. Will your customers wait? No, they suddenly cut again which results to increased bounce rate.

Ugly design of landing page:

A poor elegant visual design can distract your visitors on your site but it can also decrease the amount of the time person stay to look at the page. Visitors always in search for new and unique things, thus the web pages should have different design and something unique from other sites. Attractive items will tend to keep the viewer’s attentions.

Asking Too much of information:

When visitors land on your web page, don’t irritate them by asking lot of information to fill, just give the simple flow to complete their task.

Here are some tips to reduce your bounce rate.

  • Provide them relevant content
  • Build clear navigation path
  • Speed up the page load using Google page speed plugins
  • Reduce the images and auto play videos on website

Conclusion: Hopefully, this article may have addressed you to identify what’s causing your website a high bounce rate and how to reduce that. Contact Ultimez Technology to know more about this.

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