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8 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal and why someone would consider it

Author: Mazen Aloul
by Mazen Aloul
Posted: Mar 12, 2017

For several people, hair removal is a time-consuming and daily practice. Traditional ways of removing hair such as shaving and waxing are effective; however, they lack long-term solutions for hair removal. Due to technological advancements in the last two decades, a new hair removal system known as laser hair removal has emerged. The new method puts an end to the irritating problems of traditional hair removal systems such as bumps, ingrown hairs, and nicks. In addition to eliminating these problems, the treatment provides an answer to long-term hair removal. Selecting laser hair removal over other methods has its benefits.

1. Treatment is permanent

Upon undergoing 6-8 laser hair removal sessions, the result may be a permanent loss of hair re-growth. Hair might grow back in some cases, however, it will be greatly reduced as well as being considerably sparser and finer than the initial growths.

2. One saves money over time

In the long run, it is a cost effective hair removal method compared to other methods such as waxing and shaving. Other methods require constant use after every few weeks, whereas, after a few sessions of laser treatment, one can ignore the hair removal process.

3. The procedure is not painful

Despite the experience differing slightly for each person, the majority claims that it is considerably less painful than epilating or waxing. If a person finds the procedure to be too unbearable, the therapist can reduce the intensity of the laser, a feature that is not possible in waxing.

4. Treatment is quick

In addition to being less painful than other methods, the treatment is also very fast. The procedure involves the therapist basically gliding the laser over the client’s skin, which does not take too long.

5. It is very convenient

Once one has carried out the laser treatment, he or she can ignore it until it is time for the next one. The therapist normally books the following appointment between four and eight weeks later, so one can continue with day to day activities and ignore it until the time comes.

6. Regrowth is not a problem

For other hair removal methods such as waxing, one must wait for a reasonable amount of regrowth before starting the next treatment session. Laser hair removal does not have this challenge. If some hairs do grow back, one can resume shaving as they wait for the next treatment. Over time, the regrowth will be considerably sparser and finer as well.

7. Lack of ingrown hairs

Another disadvantage of other methods such as waxing and shaving that is not found in laser treatment is ingrown hairs. The possible reason for ingrown hairs may be removing hair at an angle that leads to ingrown hairs during shaving and waxing. Since the laser destroys the hair from the follicle, hair basically falls off without the fear of blunt edges.

8. Laser treatment is precise

The treatment leaves little room for some hairs to get missed during removal. The laser generally must remove all the hair over an area it passes over as long as it’s shaved. There is also a lower chance of human error.

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Author: Mazen Aloul
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