Mistakes made with cork underlayment

Author: Melany Malot
by Melany Malot
Posted: Mar 13, 2017

There are many different products on the market that can raise a few question marks when you want to install them. The traditional solutions are usually approached the traditional way, but what happens if you are not dealing with the same products you are accustomed to? How will you be able to try a new thing if you do not know how to install it?

There are many great products and materials you would miss out on if you are not willing to try something new. Innovation is going to offer options to solve various issues without making so many compromises. Are you willing to overlook items like cork wall panels just because you do not know how to install them? Or will you learn how to mount them on walls?

In order to make them as easy as it can be to install this sort of products, the manufacturers of the cork wall panels have used features that are similar to what you are used to. They come in small tiles that you will be able to glue to the wall. You will have to adjust every tile to the pattern you create to ensure the quality of the result you will get.

Gluing a few tiles to a wall is one thing and everyone can do it, but what happens when you turn to the floor? This is not the same since you will need to use cork underlayment to ensure the comfort you had in mind. The extra layer should be treated the same way you will treat the floor on top. You can glue it down to the cement or you can float it.

Many of us do not know how to install cork underlayment and this is one of the reasons why a number of mistakes can be made during its installation. People are used to securing things to the floor by piercing them. This is why they use nails, staples or screws to achieve this goal, but this will have the opposite effect on cork.

If the cork underlayment is pierced, it is going to lose its acoustic properties and noise will come through easier. The other aspect you must keep in mind is that it will piercing will deteriorate cork. As long as you step on it and it moves around, it is going to rub against the nails, staples or screws and it will start flaking and before long all of it will turn into dust.

If you are not willing to invest a great deal of money in cork wall panels and underlayment just to see them crumble before your eyes, we highly recommend you take the time to learn as much as you can about them. One of the first sources you have at hand for it can be found at icorkfloor.com. Our website is where you will find a wide range of products made out of cork, and you will also learn more about how you can install each style or design properly so you can avoid costly mistakes.

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