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Incredible Varieties Of Adhesive Tapes Available For Day-To-Day Applications!

Author: John Steven
by John Steven
Posted: Mar 14, 2017
adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is a material that uses an adhesive substance to hold things together. It can be either a paper or strip of cloth or anything else. There are many uses of adhesive tapes in our daily lives to carry out major applications' work, which is why many adhesive tape suppliers are in demand such as:

  • To pack materials such as gifts and electronic items. People who deal with cartons and boxes containing fragile materials can make use of adhesive tapes by wrapping them around the packages to avoid the damage that may occur during shipping.

  • Use these tapes to fix broken materials like glass or plastic. They can be used to fix kids' toys and to bond the broken plastic plates and to fix the shoes.

  • Use tapes manufactured by adhesive tape suppliers to insulate the electric cables and wires of your home. There is a particular tape for this purpose known as insulation tape.

  • Another way these tapes have been used by painters is to cover the space that doesn't need to be painted.

  • To use for decoration purpose. Stick balloons and coloring papers on the wall using adhesive tapes during functions. In addition, you can use it for crafts and labeling purpose.

Since now you know what are the various kinds of uses you can make of an adhesive tape manufactured by adhesive tape suppliers, it's time to know what kind of tapes are available in the market along with their uses. Each tape is different and should be used for different applications to see its real effect. Some of the most popular tapes in the market are:

  1. Duct tape is one of the most common tapes used for household purposes. No matter if it's about doing project of your own, or you're making crafts for your kids or just need a last fix, these duct tapes are highly beneficial in such situations.

  2. Masking tape is manufactured by many adhesive tape suppliers. It's quite light weight as it is made up of an easy-to-tear and thin paper. It is the tape which many painters use to avoid painting on the areas that they don't want to be painted by simply masking off on such areas.

  3. Teflon Tapes are used mainly by plumbers to fix the leakages in a pipe. These tapes have a very strong adhesive that even resists the water.

  4. Strong Double Sided Tapes have adhesives on both the sides. Since it sticks from both ends, many people use it for protecting their carpets or rugs.

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