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Simple Tips for Buying Fluorescence Microscope

Author: Annie Meiji
by Annie Meiji
Posted: Mar 15, 2017
stereo microscope

The microscope is a crucial part of the education establishment. So when you are planning to buy the one, you should take into considering all crucial factors. Price is the most important one whether you need the microscope for schools or colleges labs or for individual applications. The microscope is a big investment, so you should make the wise decision. One commonly made mistake is buying the microscope based on what it looks like in the picture.

If you are looking to buy a microscope, do not assume good look as the symbol of high quality. Before you buy your microscope, make it clear that how you are going to use it. If you want to study things such as blood, bacteria, algae, any smaller specimen, the affordable fluorescence microscope would be by far the best choice for you. Comprising top notch features, the instrument is intended to make the study more interesting and effective. It can help you get the most of the time you spend on the study.

You can also consider compound microscope if your budget is a little high. It is packed with advanced features such as 3 or 4 objective lenses that range in power from 4x to 100x. If you have a standard 10x eyepiece, the compound microscope will provide you 40x to 1000x magnification. This is standard magnification used by students of grades K-college. If the study is going to involve a lot of too small objects that require high magnification, then compound if your budget is a little low, fluorescence microscope.

For the study of larger objects such as insects, leaves, and rocks, the stereo microscope would be the best choice. These specimens require less magnification to see the details. A stereo microscope has at least two eyepieces and provides a three-dimensional image off the specimen you are looking at. The stereo microscope has two types: dual power and zoom magnification. The former has two set magnifications such as 2x and 4x objectives. So it is cheaper than compound microscopes and so suitable for low grades students and for individual use.

Now you are aware of the types of microscopes and their applications. So you can decide on which type would make a good choice for you. Check through most in-demand veterinary microscopes that would be fit your budget and are easy to use and require less maintenance. In addition, there are many benefits that make them an excellent choice when it comes buying a microscope.

There are many brands selling different types of microscopes in the market. However, you should get your own from only a reputable supplier. Also, make sure that the microscope is made of high-quality material and in the compliance with highest standards and practices set.

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