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Learn How To Build Functional App Designs

Author: Melissa Crooks
by Melissa Crooks
Posted: Mar 18, 2017
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Almost every facet of daily living involves designing. It makes things more beautiful and appealing to look at. For app developers, designing an app is crucial to its success. For an app to be impressive, more than one designer has to work on it. People that own businesses related to the app can also be asked to pitch in and help in some cases.

Mobile app development, especially Android application development requires functionality to be profitable. Your design will not be considered as functional if people do not use it. For an app to be designed, two components are required; they are UX and UI.

To create a workable design that appeals to users, you have to keep repeating patterns and steps till you get a satisfactory result.

As the UX way of app design seems to be the more important component, this article would throw some light on it. According to, there are five stages of processing a design that works. They are;

Empathize - Find out as much as possible from your users. Connect with them to a certain extent.

Define - Position your app in such a way that users know what they are going to get out of it.

Ideate - Be innovative with solutions.

Prototype - Represent the solutions to whatever problems you might encounter with your app.

Test - Allow users test your products and get reviews from them to help with improving your app.

When done with the last stage, you should go back to the third stage and repeat, according to

To design an app using the UX process, consider these three steps;

Carry out research about the consumers: Specify the group of people your app targets. Find out their interests and habits and why you think your app would appeal to them.

Research the app market: Do not underestimate your competitors. Find out what makes their apps unique, and modify your own app from there. Also, seek out who their audience are.

Interview Stakeholders: Your stakeholders should be asked what they find displeasing about similar apps so that you can avoid them. They should also tell you what they look forward to seeing on an app for them to be interested.

Creating An App Design

After getting every information necessary, the next thing to do is to make your Information Architecture And Navigation. Carve out a site for your application which would detail information like the structure of your app. Then, making use of a vector graphic editor like Adobe Illustrator, create a wireframe that is very detailed. Next, you can now make a prototype.

After all of these, enable your screens with separate images and export them. Then you can mount a prototype that is interactive and would have transitions, using a digital tool meant for such purpose. Next step is sharing of the prototype, then testing.

Testing can be done with real-time users which include your friends and even family members. Using the prototype, they should be able to give you feedback on what needs fixing. Your stakeholders should not be left out in the testing.

When the testing is complete, and everything is working, it's time to work on the visual aspect of your app. Research on visuals that would represent what your app stands for.

Finally, go back again to the beginning and repeat most of the processes. You need to keep testing till your app is perfect. You don't ever really stop testing. With the evolution of technology, there must always be some part of your app that needs improvement, and your job is to make sure that new changes are effected when necessary.

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Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company in India as well as California and New York, USA.

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