What a student should expect from perfect makeup class in delhi?

Author: Muskaan Munjaal
by Muskaan Munjaal
Posted: Mar 20, 2017

Anybody looking to build a career in makeup artistry and may be on a later stage of his/her life want to work as an independent makeup artist, a right kind of certification in makeup artistry is very much required for it.

There are a lot of independent courses been offered today by professional hair and makeup academies but to identify the right one that can help somebody to become a suitable professional is one of the tough choices to make. Some of the makeup courses which are been offered by these training institutes are also divided into modules like for beginners and professionals. In all these module based courses the institute try to divide the curriculum into layers with the promise that the same can add better value to students but in reality that is not true. In actual scenario you end up just paying more for the course and get no additional value.

Delhi being the hub for hair and makeup academies, there are a lot of academies providing makeup classes in the city. Though most of these makeup classes in delhi are provided by industry approved professionals but how much one can rely on them is still an open ended question to answer. Likewise in other forms of vocational courses, makeup courses offered by these training academies don’t have any fixed curriculum and as there is no regulator for them standard instructional design patterns are not followed while designing these courses for makeup classes. Though the industry has it own standards in term of work ethics but nothing specific is there on the academic front making the process of choosing the right makeup artistry course more complex.

There are few things which a makeup academy in delhi should at least teach you so that course that you do can help you become a perfect professional. The most important parameters based upon which one can judge the perfectness of a makeup class are :

a. The classes should start with teaching the student on matters related to physiology of the skin structure and health. This particular element can help you learn the basics of makeup artistry in a broader and theoretical way.

b. The second most important thing which should be part of the makeup class is related building skill related to improving skin’s health and how can take care of the skin in a professional way.

c. The third most important element is related to learning of application and blending techniques which is the first step towards practical training for makeup artistry.

d. The fourth and one of the most thing a makeup class should cover is related to doing makeup for specific scenarios like bridal or for fashion. In fact there are different courses for these two scenarios. The Bridal makeup course is one the most famous as professional makeup artist in this particular space are most popular and mostly demanded in the industry.

So it is always advised not to fall in trap of module based course or makeup classes though offering education at a cheaper but don’t help you learn the right skill to be accepted as a professional in the industry. Judge a makeup class in delhi or any other based upon the parameters mentioned above so that you build a fruitful career in the space
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