Satyanarayana Puja and Homam

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by Anu Arun
Posted: Mar 20, 2017

Satyanarayana Pooja and Homam

Katha Recitation and Kalasa Avahanam Brings Fortune To Your Homes:

He is there in everyone's homes and He is the most kind and sympathetic of the considerable number of Gods. He can be assuaged effectively and favors and rewards are given away by him liberally. Also, that is about Lord Satyanarayana, a type of Lord Mahavishnu who has been said in the Skanda Purana and the one that speaks to Truth.

Vedic intellectuals trust that the Lord has two qualities to his frame—generous, peaceful, lovely and delicate while the other is malicious where he can go to any degree to annihilate the foe. The Lord is the preserver and upholder of Vedic Dharma. His place of homestead the smooth waters of the sea where he lies on a bed of curled thousand hooded wind called Adi Sesha. He is seen with his perfect partner Goddess Lakshmi who implies material riches and influence of creation. The sea speaks to cognizance and euphoria and the snake for dream, time and assorted qualities.

In all viewpoints, Lord Satyanarayana takes after Maha Vishnu with four hands in place yet one as opposed to holding the lotus is seen raised to favor aficionados.



The custom is very basic among enthusiasts and has been seen from time immemorial. It is ordinarily done when a promising occasion is going to happen or even after one's desires are satisfied. It includes an extremely straightforward method wherein firstly, offering supplications to Lord Ganesha for expelling snags, assuming any, over the span of the service. You can likewise offer Him his most loved prasadams like coconuts, sweet dumplings and laddoos. Blossoms and darbai grass may likewise be offered to Lord Ganesha.

Another vital component of the love is paying regard to the navagrahas or nine planets to be specific Surya, Chandra, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. A supplication to Lord Narayana can't be conceivable without paying regards to his associate Goddess Mahalakshmi.


The puja is ordinarily done on a full moon day ideally in the nighttimes and close families and visitors are welcome to share in the services.

Each custom starts with purging and cleaning—purifying the physical self and cleaning the material spaces like your home and environment. An icon or confined picture of Lord Satyanarayana is set confronting the east bearing enriched with blossoms and Tulsi laurel that is extremely propitious. Afterward, mantras and bhajans are droned in his wonderfulness.

The Vishnu sahasranamam containing 1008 names of Mahavishnu can be droned and has extraordinary love for its effective vibrations that outcome in preeminent learning and intelligence.

Other than presenting the psalms and bhajans, an enthusiast ought to offer prasadams to the Lord, for example, sweet puddings and organic products.

At last, the supplication is finished up with the Arathi, which is waving or flowing a fire delivered from ghee drenched wicks or camphor balls before the picture of the Lord. This summons the gods and requires their affection and gifts.


The yagna is performed to get the gift of Lord Maha Vishnu. It additionally guarantees satisfaction and thriving to the whole family with the goal that they don't confront any issues. It likewise cares for their prosperity. It is said to have advantageous impact upon the individuals who perform it with love and earnestness. It is trusted that amid the antiquated circumstances, a few rulers and traders played out the yagna to conquer misfortune and acquire the favors of Lord Narayana.


The custom is performed before any significant event like marriage, house warming, extraordinary birthdays, satisfying wishes, demonstrating appreciation to Godhead and so forth it can be performed on any day for any reason. Be that as it may, the day of Chitra pournami is exceptionally uncommon. The service is for the most part performed on a full moon day in the nighttimes.


  • Get a lot of riches and wealth
  • Evacuates hindrances that cause inconvenience
  • Understand the way of Truth
  • Counteract unforeseen, sudden demise
  • Be honored with genuine learning
  • Clear pessimism from your life
  • Summon endowments of the most generous God
  • Ensured profound and material advance
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