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Author: Mathenson Records Management Pvt.ltd.
by Mathenson Records Management Pvt.ltd.
Posted: Mar 20, 2017

The John Benjamin Dancer, an English scientist is the father of the microfilming, who has invented microfilm in early 1839, however, commercially first time used in the 1920’ by a New York City banker, George McCarthy to create permanent film copies of all bank records. Since the era, the longer shelf life (approximate 500 years) feature of this microfilm has made it a top choice for entrepreneur in order to store information safely. Other than, using microfilm one can save 99% space required to store paper documents and thereby has become an extensively used method for archiving assorted range of paper based information.

The microfilm of the 16 mm film roll as well as 35 mm film roll is the most popular sizes find its application in archiving letter sized paper documents in government sectors, businesses, company records as well as finds its application in engineering in order to store drawings as well as newspapers. Despite the advancements in the microfilm technology, accessing of the specific document within the microfilm is time consuming along with the sharing of microfilm rolls is bothersome.

On the other side, the revolutionary advancement in the technology has introduced a CD, DVD, Hard Drives, cloud technology, which is the most approachable way to access & share information smoothly. At this point combining scanning and digitizing microfilms can solve the sharing and accessing problem of the microfilm. By way of scanning the microfilm and creating a digital version of the microfilm, it can be easily stored on DVD or other appropriate storage media and thus can be accessed easily.

This microfilm scanning procedure is a cost effective method ensures that the original film always remains safe and secure, in which microfilms are scanned and converted into a digital version. This microfilm scanning is successfully fulfilling the need of today’s business requirement for its matchless features covering:

  • Pocket Friendly Approach
  • Greater Business Efficiency
  • More Office Space
  • Better Data Security
  • Better Customer Service
  • Less Paper Clutter
  • A Greener Planet
  • Fast Retrieved Of Documents
  • Reduced Possibilities Of Losing Documents
  • Ability To Store Color Images Separately
  • Remote Access Capability

If you also looking for converting your microfilms into the digital data and improve business efficiency, Mathenson is a righteous choice to fulfill your microfilm scanning need, providing microfilm scanning service ever since 1968 with the help of cutting edge microfilm scanning machinery.

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Author: Mathenson Records Management Pvt.ltd.

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