Why rehab is so important?

Author: Daniel Woods
by Daniel Woods
Posted: Mar 20, 2017

"Health is wealth", "Our body is the temple of our soul", these are not just sayings, but they clearly indicate the importance of staying healthy and fit.

We can experience happiness and perform our tasks to the maximum potential when we are physically fit and free from every kind of pain.

But, as it is said that "You cannot predict future", one may experience pain at anytime and anywhere, due to accident, illness or present day lifestyle.

And it is very essential to get rid of this pain to return to the normal state of well-being. Physical rehabilitation comes as a great help here. It is a proven and effective therapeutic method to help patients get relief from pain, which may have occurred due to any of the possible reasons.

That’s why Physical rehabilitation program in Melbourne addresses the patients on a daily basis with problems such as Neck and back pain, Spinal cord injury, Stroke, Muscle imbalances, Sports injuries and lead them in living a better life.

Physical rehabilitation is highly recommended for the patients who have undergone surgery. But, now it is also taken before surgery for its varied benefits.

While, rehabilitation or rehab may seem as voluntary to some, it is quite important due to the following benefits attached to it:

1.Pre-operative rehabilitation:


a) Lessens the duration of post-operative rehabilitation: The major benefit of pre-operative rehabilitation is that it reduces the time span required for post-operative rehabilitation.

b) Alleviates pain: Whether the pain is chronic or due to any injury, it can be reduced with the exercises and avoided to pass on to the surrounding body areas.

c) Prepares you for surgery – Physically and mentally: Any critical areas can be identified and treated before surgery.

d) Optimises functions of affected and surrounding body areas: The body part, which requires surgery, gains the ease of movement through best Physical rehabilitation programs in Melbourne.

2.Post-operative rehabilitation:

a) Provides relief from the pain: Patients suffer mild pain even after surgeries and other treatments. With exercises and techniques practised in various rehabilitation programs in Melbourne, this pain is healed.

b) Removes swelling: After some kind of surgeries, the treated body areas get swelled. Rehab therapy is intended to remove this swelling.

c) Increases range of motion of affected areas.

d) Improves mobility.

e) Revives function and strength.

With the above benefits, rehab program surely enhances easy and quick recovery.

Rehab therapy is also helpful for the patients who are suffering from chronic pain. Physical rehabilitation programs in Melbourne take care of this as well.

The type and duration of the methods adopted in rehab therapy differ from patient to patient, depending on the individual’s medical history and present conditions.
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