Top 5 Tips to Repair Your Lenovo Laptop

Author: Raj Kumar
by Raj Kumar
Posted: Mar 20, 2017

A crashed laptop is the last thing that you would want in the midst of an important discussion or preparation. While it is true that most of the issues can be resolved with a trip to any professionally managed and reputed service center, it is essential to identify basic faults. We look at some of the more commonly occurring faults that occur and 5 tips including preventive maintenance to get your laptop on and running.

The case of the pixels getting stuck or frozen in LCD screens

More often than not, the pixels on the LCD of a laptop may get frozen or stuck, displaying dots, red or green in color. While a replacement is actually a good option, a quick-fix solution exists to tide over the immediate requirements. With the help of a soft lint free cloth, the area just around the pixel needs to be rubbed softly. This will help to get the pixel to light up. Continued gentle pressure for close to 100 seconds will most likely resolve the problem.

Frequent crashes as a result of insufficient RAM

Insufficient RAM can be the biggest speed breaker in your laptop functions. The best way around it is to replace the RAM or augment it adequately. While replacing is, by far, the best bet, utilization of USB enabled Ready Boost drives can help tide over minor issues. These drives use the free space on the USB to help programs startup faster.

Battery discharging faster with no backup

One of the more common and notorious problems associated with ageing laptops, is battery draining. Beyond the actual lifespans, batteries do not have the ability to retain charge. The effective solution is a replacement with a compatible or exact replacement to the weak battery.

Sluggish file transfer speeds and slow program startups

This is typically because the manner in which the data is stored is highly irregular or disorganized. Tools that are commonly available in the system such as Disk Defragmenter can help speed up programs a lot. Alternatively, other tools can also be relied on for better and smooth performance.

Crashing of computer due to overheating

This is a physical problem due to improper handling or maintenance. The CPU in laptops require to be air cooled more than their desktop counter parts because of their design. CPUs that are not cooled tend to crash frequently. With more compact surfaces and lesser option for air vents, it is necessary to keep the vents free from obstruction. Blow out obstructions and let the air vents function smoothly.
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