Various Coverages That Fall Under Church Property Insurance

Author: Warren Micek
by Warren Micek
Posted: Mar 20, 2017

A church is not your typical business entity that ultimately aims to earn profits in lieu of delivering products and services to its clients, it is a unique non-profit business whose characteristics set it apart from other businesses. For example, church may be subjected to canon law, common law and statutory law and it is often dependent on volunteers instead of paid employees. In spite of supporting community in a number of ways, churches do resemble a for-profit business entities in more ways than one. There is always a risk of getting its property damaged or stolen which include vehicles, HVAC units, lighting systems, furniture, etc,.

Ever-existing risk of becoming victim of burglary, theft, and vandalism has made religious organizations to seriously consider to get in touch with Church Insurance Agency to get a suitable insurance coverage that can make them feel safe and protected while they continue to serve community and help the underprivileged segment of society. Churches seeking for insurance coverage have few alternatives at their disposal and this article was composed with intention to shed light on some of the most common insurance covers taken by religious and non-profit organizations.

Property Insurance

There is hardly a church which does not need property insurance. Church-owned buildings are safe and secure under a commercial property policy which is specifically designed keeping in mind the growing concerns of religious organizations towards their property. There are two options in Church Property Insurance- church property may be insured for its replacement cost ot its actual cost. Choosing one of these is difficult but replacement cost coverage is considered as better choice between the two as it ensures that you will have sufficient funds to build your church from the scratch in case it is completely damaged due to unforeseen circumstances.

Building Ordinance Coverage

Building Ordinance Coverage is yet another type of insurance coverage that provides peace of mind to churches across the globe. This insurance aims to cover the additional costs incurred to repair the old building to meet current building codes. In absence of this coverage, a church may need to spend out considerable amount of money to renovate old buildings so that they can be given ideal shape to meet contemporary standards.

Fine Arts Coverage

The good thing about church insurance coverage is that it covers nearly every aspect of church and its operations and Fine Arts Insurance Coverage is yet another type of insurance policy that provides cover for religious artefacts, prayer books, paintings, and other kinds of artwork that are considered as precious property of church. Some anti-social elements are always looking for opportunities to steal these valuable items of church because these ill-gotten items can fetch them a good price in markets.

Employee Theft Coverage

This is yet another form of insurance policy that protects churches against thefts committed by their own employees. Theft could be of cash, securities and other kinds of property that belongs to church.

Coming to conclusion, there is no common one-size fits all insurance policy for all churches. Every church is different and so are their insurance needs and requirements. They should choose insurance policy that provides protection to their staff and property while allowing them to render their precious social services.

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