Reasons to pick up robotics courses for children

Author: Tommy Koh
by Tommy Koh
Posted: Mar 20, 2017

Reasons to pick up robotics courses for children

When you are young and out playing, we are always taught that we need to study hard for our sciences and math and technical skills so that when we grow up, we are able to find jobs and that they are either in the finance industry or in the engineering field. That was in the 90s. But now in the year 2017, things have changed and the world has changed along with technological improvement.

Everything in this world now requires some form of information technology knowledge and this is something that everyone should pay attention to because programming has slowly across the years become the most valuable asset for anyone who wishes to change the world or make big money.

Programming your own website or application can result in high returns and this is something that many young people have slowly come to realize but are ill equipped to do anything about.

This is when robotics courses and coding for children comes into place that makes a big difference for children in Singapore.

There are many reasons why you should pick it up so here are to quote a few:

1. The future is about programming your own application, no longer engineering something

The time when engineering or a medical doctorate leading you to great wealth is no longer the case. You could be a great engineer to build something but we don’t need more factories anymore, we need software engineers instead that can write items in a computer to perform certain functions that humans cannot or are limited in capabilities of.

Disruption is when you are able to reduce the need for human and therefore improving the bottom line for businesses. This leads to the change of the world and this will improve the lives of humanity.

2. If you want to start coding, start young

Starting young lets you have the time to explore and see more of the coding world, when you let your child go for coding for kids courses, it allows them to expose themselves to the different languages and methods of writing code through the years and the will be able to choose what they like to perform in and become good in the field

3. Talent needs time to nurture, starting young gives them the advantage

Like learning any skill, you also have to let them learn young because when they are young, their brains are still very flexible and able to absorb easier than when they get older. You also do not get influenced by the world that tells you, you can do a certain thing in a certain manner and this allows creativity to follow and makes for a better programmer when they grow up.

Duck Learning is the leading coding for kids provider in Singapore.

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