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How is a sinus infection treated?

Author: Steve Cooper
by Steve Cooper
Posted: Mar 21, 2017


With thousands of viruses and bacteria dwelling all around us, it is inevitable to catch something at least once a while. Something as mild as the common cold can be easily and rapidly transmitted from person to person causing lingering pain and discomfort for as long as 10 days.

The common cold symptoms usually cease after 5 to 10 days, continued or worsening symptoms may mean that you have a sinus infection.

Symptoms of a sinus infection

Many of the sinus infection symptoms are similar to that of a cold, although they tend to be much more severe and usually last for a lot longer. The most common symptoms are:

-Pressure behind the eyes and cheeks

-Runny/stuffy nose

-Bad headache

-Yellow/Green mucus



If you've had any of these symptoms and you don't seem to be getting better, there is a high chance that you have a sinus infection. Seeking appropriate treatment is very important in these cases because short-term infections may easily become chronic if not taken care of promptly. At ENTAC clinic in Houston, TX, our doctors always recommend that our patients seek sinuses treatment to relieve lingering discomfort and prevent the worsening of their condition.

How is a sinus infection treated?

It is quite simple to detect a sinus infection as the symptoms are very prevalent. An acute sinus infection can often be cured with saline washes and decongestants. However, some patients may require a round or two of antibiotics to treat the infection completely. If an acute infection isn't treated, you may end up with recurrent episodes of sinus infections possibly leading to a more chronic infection in which case, treatment will require more precision. At our Houston, TX, ENTAC clinic we have a team of the best ear nose and throat doctors to make sure that you're examined and treated accordingly. In rare cases, if the sinus infection continuously reappears causing severe pain or a worsening case, a surgical procedure may be required to eliminate the symptoms. An endoscope is usually used to drain the fluids blocked inside the sinus cavities. As with any medical procedure, your doctor at ENTAC clinic will discuss your specific case along with your options.

What triggers sinus infections?

There are a handful of triggers for a sinus infection such as common viruses, bacteria, allergies, and smoking as well as fungus and tooth infections being less common. Of course not smoking and treating these conditions first will help prevent a sinus infection but it isn't always guaranteed.

To get a professional diagnosis and proper treatment schedule an appointment with ENTAC Houston, TX by contacting us at 713-621-2556

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