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Author: Sarah Victor
by Sarah Victor
Posted: Mar 21, 2017

Many of the candidates who are international students are going to the US. They are all using the term "Campus Placements "which happens in their colleges. These international students mostly belong to India where campus placement is an important part in the life of a student especially if you are an undergrad/graduate student. Now when they go to the US for their MS they face a culture shock and also come to know that there is no campus placement. What!!! Yes since there are no placements we are here to give you an insight.

Are there Campus Placements in American Universities? Do they Offer Job offers directly?

The answer to this question is as given below. No there are no companies visiting the campus offering placements. But the universities do have a "Career Services Centre" which will focus mainly on students getting a job, conducting mock interviews, career guidance, help you for interviews, conducting job fairs etc. What are these job fairs? They are company representatives who come and set up booths in the campus and you can get a chance to understand about the company and drop off your resume too. Sometimes they do offer spot recruitments or internships if not they will reach us at later point of time and schedule interviews.

Also these Career centers will also have an internal job portal where students can apply. You may need to pay some extra money to join. But the advantage that you get here is you get to apply to jobs posted by company recruiters here itself. Some companies also recruit for internship by an internal posting and subsequently they will schedule interviews on the campus. They also recruit for preferring to see the students in person and recruit accordingly. They also circulate the job internally or also for an internship. You can also get good IT jobs if you pay some amount to the career center so that they can schedule jobs for you

What if you don’t have the skills?

Yes many reach foreign shores with the expectation of high hopes. They want well-paid jobs, good careers etc. They may have very good communication skills but not the other technical skills. So how will they update their skills? Through many eLearning portals such as benchfolks etc they can get the best trainers near them who provide online/offline training. The curriculum is very much apt and current. Refer for web design contract jobs for students on many web portals if you are interested in web designing.

They real key take away here is that there is no mass recruitment that you imagine in your home country where a company comes to your campus, recruits 100 or more from a total of 1000 as fresher’s, trains them in any particular technology and places them in the desired location. Here you to apply on job portals or work closely with the career services. Also just going to a top school does not guarantee you a job but getting the right job after applying will help you. Enroll now on to get all good training on all IT courses.

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