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5 Mistakes Which One Should Avoid While Applying For Employment Based Visa For USA

Author: Alexis Watson
by Alexis Watson
Posted: Mar 22, 2017
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Applying for any form is US visa involves a definitive process and making mistakes while applying for a employment based visa for USA can lead to unwanted delays, unforeseen expenses and can even increases chances of getting your visa petition denied by the authorities. We all understood the criticality of an Employment visa, getting the visa denied may lead to you losing a good career option which would have fulfilled your dream of working with one of the best American Corporations. You can any ways look for professional advice in this case but you yourself should well aware of the process so that you can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Some of the common mistakes which anybody should avoid while applying for Employment Based Visa For USA so that they don’t face the hassles associated with the Visa getting denied.

a) Always check the eligibility criteria: US as a country is one the few nations in the world which have different types of employment based visa formats based upon the type of work you want to get into and it also changes as per you professional skill. All formats of Employment based visa for USA have their own eligibility requirement so you should have always aware of the same so to avoid chances of denial. You should always have a clear understanding of which is the apt format of visa one should apply before actually going to an attorney for visa related advice.

b) Failing to send necessary documents on time: While complying with the process of application for employment based visa you are required to submit specific documents as per USCIS guidelines from time to time. Collection of these documents and getting it verified before sending it to the authorities is also a time taking process which might lead to delay in sending the documents on time.

c) Missing important information in a visa petition: Any information that you share while filling an employment based visa application is deemed to be true. It is always recommended that neither should omit a information or hide any information while applying for Visa. If post application of the authorities find the information supplied by you are not true to the fact the your application can get out rightly denied and you might even barred for applying for a new one in the next term.

d) Waiting the last minute: You should understand the employment based visa application process in lengthy and tiring. You need to submit a lot of document from time to time and adhering to the time line is must for getting your petition accepted in first instance. So it is always advised to avoid waiting for the last minute every time while submitting documents and complying to any process. Following a hasty process might increase your chances of denial of visa petition.

e) Not taking the help of an experience attorney: Since the application process involves an understanding the law of immigration and there are also a lot of legal hassles around. So to avoid hassles you should always take a help an experienced employment visa attorney in this case. One who has a good track record in terms of higher visa completion rate and good review from his/her existing clients should always be considered as a parameter of choosing the right attorney for help.

So to make sure that the employment visa request is not rejected by the authorities your employment Immigration Lawyer New York should be experienced in his/her service,

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