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The Use of Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Author: District Hypnosis
by District Hypnosis
Posted: Mar 25, 2017

Hypnosis is something that many people don’t understand. There are also a lot of myths regarding how it is done and what happens when a person is hypnotized. Not understanding it leads to many people avoiding it. However, hypnosis can be quite beneficial in many cases to help people who have an issue. For example, weight loss hypnotherapy in Washington DC can help people who have struggled with weight to finally be able to shed pounds and change their lives.

One of the reasons why it works so well is in direct relation to why so many diets fail. Hypnosis is not going to train someone to eat right or stop them from eating at all. It is a suggestive method that can help people with willpower problems. Most diets fail because willpower is not there. So, using hypnosis weight loss in DC can help people to gain the willpower they need to stick to diets and exercise programs. That just leaves the issue of people not understanding how it works. So, here’s a breakdown of what happens during the process of hypnosis.


Before you ever undergo weight loss hypnotherapy in Washington DC, your therapist will talk with you. He or she will explain what hypnosis is and what will occur during the process. You will also talk about your goals and what you want to get from the session. Your therapist may also discuss what happens after the session and about your overall care plan. You will likely learn that hypnosis alone will not make you lose weight and that you must also have a diet and exercise plan in place.

Relaxation and Suggestions

As your session begins, the therapist will likely have you lie down or get into a comfortable position. This is because you need to be able to relax fully. The therapist will talk to you in a soothing voice and guide you into what is called a trance. The trace is when you are under hypnosis and susceptible to suggestions.

The therapist will then start making suggestions, which are what will help you with your weight loss. This could be things like you will avoid sugar or eat more vegetables. The suggestions are the most important part. It is like training for your subconscious that will allow it to guide you when you are fully awake again. They help to build your willpower and get you in the right mindset for weight loss.

Ending the Session

You will then be brought out of hypnosis. You should feel rather refreshed. Your therapist may give you some follow-up instructions. Sometimes you may be given tapes to do sessions on your own at home. You may also set up another appointment. Generally, you will need multiple sessions to get the best results.

Weight loss hypnotherapy Washington DC can be life-changing for people who have had ups and downs with weight loss attempts in the past. It can help a person to build willpower and become more dedicated and strong enough to finally lose the weight. It is also a simple process that can even be done at home. For more details visit our site at
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