5 Simple Yet Effective Steps for Choosing the Right Engineering College

Author: Hemant Kumar
by Hemant Kumar
Posted: Apr 11, 2017

Engineering or B. Tech is a wonderful field that offers numerous career options in India and abroad. Every year, thousands of students enroll in one engineering branch or another in India. To meet this enormous demand for engineering studies, there are many government and private universities offering graduate and post-graduate studies in various disciplines of engineering. In such a situation, a problem of choice of the right engineering college for them arises among the young students, who have just completed their schooling.

We are giving here five simple yet effective steps for choosing the right engineering college for you:

1. Decide your branch

You need to, first of all, decide upon the engineering branch you're interested in among the many branches available. It will be requiring some research and introspection. Not opt for a particular branch or stream just because your best friend has opted for it. Every individual's interests and capabilities are different. You should think about your interest and pick up a stream that you feel you have an aptitude and inclination for. Do some research about the various branches available; then discuss your teachers or some counselor; discuss with your parents as well; and, finally do some brainstorming yourself before taking the final decision regarding branch. A branch will influence your decision of picking a particular college.

2. What's your criteria?

After deciding your branch, you need to think upon your criteria for a good college and jot it down on a piece of paper to avoid confusion. Such criteria may include points such as:

  • Courses offered
  • Location (urban; semi-urban; rural)
  • Distance from home
  • Government or Private
  • Expenditure (tuition fees, materials, boarding, miscellaneous)
  • Financial aids (grants, scholarships, loans, etc.)
  • Faculty
  • Infrastructure
  • Campus facilities (library, labs, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Practical exposure (workshops, training, seminars, etc.)
  • Class size
  • Recognition and Accreditation
  • Placement record

Your criteria may not necessarily include all the above points. It may also include some other points in addition to those listed here, but essentially these are the things that most candidates consider.

3. Think about the pros and cons

You should prepare a pros and cons list based on above criteria to decide your priorities. You can visit the website of a particular college or university to gather more information. You can also surf through various educational portals, consult with your friends, visit a career consultant, and personally visit the institution to get first-hand experience. It is always advisable to take information from multiple sources for the purpose of validation and to gain more confidence. Once you have all the information, you can write down the pros and cons of various colleges based on your priorities. It will greatly help you in shortlisting certain institutions.

4. Don't run after brand

It is good if you get the chance to join a big institution, but it is not wise to run after brands. At the end of the day, it is the quality of education that matters. It is not necessary that you will get good education only in branded institutions such as the IITs. Everybody doesn't get the chance to study in an IIT, but that doesn't mean that they have come to a dead end. There are many reputable private universities in the country that provide decent level of education, faculty, and placements. Only you need to do some research to find the right institution for yourself.

5. Keep watch on your score

You need to keep in mind your score in the 10+2 while searching for a college; it should match the eligibility criteria of the institution you are planning to apply in. However, it is not a big thing that might bother you because the eligibility score of most universities for B.Tech is 50-55%. You should put extra emphasis on scoring well in the competitive examinations such as the JEE because they matter a lot from the perspective of admission in a good engineering college.

Whether you are looking for good B Tech Engineering Colleges in Gurgaon or the best B. Tech College in Delhi and NCR, or in any other city, we strongly believe that following the above steps would make you reach the right engineering college for you.

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