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Essential Tips to Take Care for your Trailer

Author: Alex Mayers
by Alex Mayers
Posted: Apr 12, 2017

Trailer maintenance is easy to overlook, but a little investment over time pays big dividends in keeping it in a good working order.The first thing you can add to your trailer maintenance so it can last longer it to give a really detailed cleaning once the autumn arrives. Starr by removing everything so you can visualize not so obvious cracks that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. At the end of the cleaning process make sure to use hose instead of high pressure water when washing your trailer’s lights and the reflective surfaces. As you are cleaning the outward keep an eye for any paths of rust and apply some sandpaper or steel wool to eradicate them and discourage any additional rusting. The majority of box trailers are at least tall as a person, so make sure you have the right brushes to reach the upper walls and the roof itself. Ideally, you can get long brushes that will also help you reach the top.

It’s a general rule that requires trailers to have functioning brake and lights and license plate lights. Be sure your vehicle lights are in a good working condition as you test them separately and make sure they don’t weaken or flicker when the turn signal from brackets are activated. To check that the light are in a good condition get another person to help you test and confirm that each light on your trailer is working.

Look down to see if your tires are properly inflated. This is a must as underinflated tires obtain more friction when they’re spinning on the road, which leads to blow out. Check your tires before each trip and make sure they are still safe as the underinflated tire can lead to trailer swaying. Over time you need to replace your tires – always check the manufacturer recommendations the tires needs to be replaced every three to five years. Your trailer’s parts (the hitch, tongue jack and ramp hinges) will need to be greased, if possible before each trip. This is necessary to keep your trailer running properly. Keeping your trailer parts lubricated can prevent corrosion and friction and makes your axels moving smoothly.

After removing the dirt, dust and debris you need to choose a place to store your trailer, in a garage or somewhere indoor to prevent premature tire ageing as a result of sun exposure. In some areas winter means inches of snow and below zero temperatures, while in others it may be just occasional hard freeze at night. In either case, at the end of the season you need to decide how to protect your trailer to prevent damage while not in regular use. Improper storage can turn your fine trailer into a mouldy mess, so you need to go to shopping for a replacement trailer when spring arrives. To get all necessary information you need to take proper care and keep it in a top condition, call box trailers for sale or visit their site for more different trailers and discover additional details about their services and otheritems they have for sale.

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