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Most useful software for windows operating system

Author: Denny Farhan
by Denny Farhan
Posted: Apr 28, 2017

Laptops and PCs are one of the most powerful electronic devices of current generation which generally runs on windows operating system. This OS is very popular among the users through the entire world because its ease of use and reliability for a long time. The very initial personal and professional computers were first introduced along with the integration of windows OS. From 20 November 1985 to now, windows has introduced many useful operating systems which can perform various activities with the help of software programs. If you search on the internet, a countless number of applications will be visible that can be installed and used in windows. Some of them are very useful and can help you to simplify the daily life complicated tasks.

Currently android operating system of mobiles is in fashion, but some unique capabilities of windows cannot be replaced by any other OS. As a regular user of computer, you may face various difficulties regarding disk writing, creating virtual drives, defend computer from virus and many more. Do not panic if you are facing these types of issues because there are some useful software for windows which can help you. A detailed list of this software is explained here from which you can get knowledge of their functionalities.

MS office

Whenever you talk about the important software needed in windows, MS word will always stand at first place. This is the text writing and editing software presented by the Microsoft Company. Most of the written work is done through this useful application, even this article had also been written by an application of MS office. The software contains a bundle of different applications which has their different use. You can use them for both personal as well as professional use. a list of components of MS office is mentioned here:-

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • One note
  • Access
  • Outlook
  • Sway
VLC Media player

You will always need a powerful media player that must be capable of playing every kind of media file of any format. There is a large number of video file formats present on the internet to download such as mkf, flv, Blu-ray or mp4. You can find many media players with attractive look but most of them are worthless. VLC media player is an open source program that can play every kind of video file. Also, there are lots of advanced options to choose such as controlling fast and slow movement of the video, subtitles and change audio etc. you can also get shortcut key functions to manage the volume, brightness, play-pause and all other functions.

Google chrome

As being a frequent computer user, you will always need the internet service to connect with THE outer world. It is possible only with the help of an internet browser. Internet explorer is the default web browser of windows, but it doesn’t work effectively. Google chrome is considered as the best search engine because of its lightning fast speed. It is a highly customizable browser that supports countless plugins. In case of any accidental crash or closed by mistake, your pages can recover automatically without finding them in history. You can download it directly from the official website of Google for free of cost.


The amazing effects in graphics are only possible with the help of this amazing software which is called Adobe Photoshop. It is a highly flexible photo editing software which can be used for any kind of personal as well as professional level editing. It needs some skills to perform various activities on Photoshop. There are numerous plugins in the form of brushes, textures, fonts and gradients present on the internet to download. You can earn a sufficient amount of money as being a graphic designer in Photoshop. It needs a good hardware configuration in your computer system to operate Photoshop in windows.


Potential threats are possible in both real as well as virtual world of computer and internet. If you are using windows operating system then it is possible that your computer might be infected by virus or malware. These annoying things slow down the performance of your computer by infecting the system files. To prevent your PC from these types of threats, you need an ideal antivirus on your computer. These software are available to download in both free and premium forms. You may choose from a large number of anti viruses such as Avast, Avira, Avg and Kasper sky etc.

Power ISO

It is small yet powerful software of windows operating system that can be used for various purposes such, but its basic function is to create and run ISO files. These are the disk image files which can be mounted on virtual drives of the computer. You can create multiple virtual drives to mount as much as disks you can at a single time. This software can also convert your normal pen drive or SD card into a bootable device from which an operating system can be easily installed. There is no need to install heavy applications like Nero for burning disks because you can also burn a CD or DVD with the help of power IOS.

Internet download manager (IDM)

To download various videos, audios, documents, applications or any other media file, you will always need an idea download manager. The internet download manager is best among all other download managers present on an internet. It has the capability to detect the downloading link of any web page automatically and provides a suitable path of downloading. It has intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology to accelerate the speed 5 times more than other software of this category. It is very easy to use and you can also resume your download if it was interrupted before due to any reason.

Here are some amazing and useful software for your windows operating system from which you can simplify most of the complicated tasks. It is very important to keep your pc up to date with these software. Most of your daily issues related to pc will be automatically solved with their help. PC or laptops are very powerful devices but their capabilities are not fully explored by users. After using these software applications, you will automatically feel the difference.

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