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Green Tea with Milk- Know Them!

Author: Hari Om
by Hari Om
Posted: May 22, 2017
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Green tea can be drunk with milk because many people feel better in this way. But it is also true that there are some questions that make this habit somewhat unwise. Read this note and know much more about green tea with milk.

Are you adept at drinking organic green tea India with milk? Well, then you should read this note, where you will find some reasons to do it and others not to do it. In the meantime, enjoy this note.

Why drink green tea with milk

There are no scientific reasons that speak favorably about the properties that milk would add to your cup of green tea. They only respond to issues that have to do with taste. Green tea is astringent and has an herbal touch that can become somewhat annoying. To counteract this effect, you can add a touch of milk, which will give a more particular flavor.

Also, if you like, you can see as a benefit of organic green tea India online the fact that it will have the protein content and the overall properties of milk. But they are not so remarkable values either.

Why not drink green tea with milk?

Here there are several more reasons against the consumption of green tea with milk. And they go beyond the purely organoleptic and the sensations that can generate you at the level of aroma or palate.

It would affect the absorption of their antioxidants. Apparently, milk casein would interfere negatively in absorbing tea's antioxidants. There are several who advocate this theory, there is even research on it, but there are also versions that say that the amount of milk present is not so transcendent.

It changes its color and flavor. The flavor, aroma and color characteristics of the tea will be affected. A purist of online green tea India is hardly going to put milk to the infusion.

Useful properties of green tea with milk:

  • Green tea with milk is considered a low-calorie drink, so it does not harm the figure and can be used in the diet
  • There is an opinion that due to green tea, nutrients contained in milk are better absorbed
  • Milk reduces the effect of caffeine on the body
  • Useful for teeth
  • It also speeds up the metabolism
  • Useful for colds, because it facilitates coughing and relieves pain in the throat
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