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Jogging: important tips and impact on health

Author: Robert Roberts
by Robert Roberts
Posted: Jun 27, 2017
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Jogging is getting more and more popular among people of different age. This type of physical activity improves health a lot.

Benefits of running

Firs of all it helps to control the weight of a person. Overweight people tend to have a lot of health problems especially with the heart.

also, jogging strengthens muscles. Which makes you physically attractive and as a result more self-confident.

Running helps fight depression. After a good run (and if the run is very good, then already and during it), the hormone of happiness is released in the body.

Running is able to relieve stress. Running through the park, listening to the singing of birds, or along the road, watching the cars passing by, - the choice is extensive. Running literally "winds its head", and for those who live in a metropolis, it is simply necessary;

Running has a beneficial effect on the immune system, the central nervous system;

Running promotes tempering if you make jogging in the fresh air;

Running develops personal qualities, such as self-control, purposefulness, willpower.

Running gives a shake to the whole body - this is the best remedy for hypertension, dyspnea, a cold. It also helps to keep oneself in tone, improves blood circulation.

Running leads to the shape of all muscle groups: when running not only the calves and hips work, but also the press, hands, neck... At the same time, the load on the whole body is rather soft. In general, running, if it is combined with proper nutrition, is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Start running pretty hard, so I prepared for you some tips that might help you with that:

You should clearly set yourself running as a goal. Because it's not for a week, a month or until winter, you have to run around the year, until the end of life and in any weather. Otherwise, you can not even begin.

Analyze and evaluate your physical form.

Acquire an athletic form. Running sneakers - necessary. Good sports shoes with a soft sole will protect the joints from shock loads, and will also be a good psychological stimulus.

You need to choose a place to run. It's better if it's a park or a stadium. Firstly, in the parks and in the stadiums, the walking of dogs is forbidden. Secondly, there are no cars. Thirdly, there are paths along which you can run in winter, because they are cleaned. In addition, the park has a little nature, as well as ups and downs, which will help diversify training.

It is recommended to run around the stadium with a special coating or in a park, forest, etc. On the asphalt, it is not recommended to run - the coating is hard, there is a big load on the joints and spine. But if there are no other options, then you should definitely run in special running shoes with air cushions in the area of the heel and nose.

Hope this article will help you to start running and soon you will enjoy it a lot!

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My name is Robert, I am a freelancer. I work with students and provide them with custom writing. I am 32 years old, I used to live in Spain but now I live in the US in Virginia Beach state Virginia.

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Author: Robert Roberts

Robert Roberts

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