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Becoming a Top WordPress Developer

Author: Jane Reyes
by Jane Reyes
Posted: Aug 08, 2017
wordpress developer

Becoming a top WordPress developer is hard work, but with will and determination, one could be a successful one. A top WordPress developer has greater opportunities not just financially but for further growth as well.

Millions of people worldwide are constantly enhancing upon WordPress, including administrators, support personnel, users, individuals and of course developers who could help out with web design. There’s an ethos in the community of WordPress to improve and get better always, while always sharing openly with other users worldwide. WordPress started as a simple blogging platform and since has grown to a full-fledged builder of websites. Nonetheless, blogging continues to be an integral part of the CMS.

Becoming a WordPress developer is hard work, very hard work in fact. It will take a lot of time, determination and energy. Being a top developer or being one of the best is hard, but one could do it and be successful at it. The amount of time it takes depends on what one wants to do before handling a WordPress project. A developer of the platform has to learn constantly, for after all it is a learn and practice journey. There are always new things to learn and there is always an opportunity to get better.

Why Ba A Top Developer?

If one is working with WordPress, or planning to, why settle for just being average? There is a lot of average in the world already that normal is extremely overrated. Being a top WordPress developer means making the most money, getting the best clients, demand is great. Furthermore, clients are willing to pay more for those are best in their work. A top developer means having influence, as well as responsibility to shape the future of WP and the ecosystem that is created around it too.

Becoming A Top WordPress Developer

  1. 1. Define one’s skills. When doing client services, it’s necessary to effectively define one’s array of skills. One need not be a full stack developer to become a successful consultant. However, one should be honest about one’s skill set. Be honest with one’s self and with one’s potential clients. Marketing one’s self appropriately and taking projects wherein one is able to perform effectively the work and meet expectations will make one a top WP developer.
  2. 2. Learn MySQL and PHP. Knowing PHP and MySQL is very important as well as learning the best practices. Some outdated tutorials aren’t going to do it. If one learned it a few years back, most of the practice are possibly outdated already. Learn about MySQL performance.

3. Be part of the bigger community. The community that surrounds WordPress is one of the platform’s greatest achievement. A lot of prospective clients request WP since they heard just how big its ecosystem is. A thriving, big community is a reflection of many people who contribute a project with plugins, themes, Core code, and more. It would be a good thing for a new developer is to start blogging. The website is the primary identity of WordPress. It helps create relationships with others in the community while boosting one’s abilities.

  1. 4. Dominate fundamentals. Understanding the key fundamentals of WordPress is a skill. Even an already great programmer who is learning the platform would still have to develop a comprehension of items, such as template hierarchy, coding standards, template and conditional tags, the hook system of the platform and its numerous built-in APIs.
  2. 5. Wear the client’s shoes. Nobody wants to be someone else’s bad experience. Wearing the client’s shoes means anticipating the client’s future problems that they have no idea exists. A professional developer will guide a client through foreign waters. Prompt reply means a lot to a client as well as complete follow-ups. It won’t hurt to go the extra mile for a client so they would not forget and will call for another project. Furthermore, a good developer also has to say ‘no’. At times, one could best help a client through establishing one’s role as an expert. To be good at WordPress development, one should be able to protect clients from themselves I they ask to do things that are not best practice.

As a developer, it is integral to stay hungry. One’s skills are ever changing. This means that one is learning new things consistently and evolving with the industry and the technology. This helps to better serve the clientele for the long term.

Why Companies Love WordPress?

Companies love WordPress because it is free, has a large community, user-friendly and intuitive, flexible and SEO-optimized. Its being open source means the source code is open to the public. In a perspective of prominent WordPress development company, keeping it open-source enables it to spread faster and further while harnessing the power of the whole community simultaneously to develop the code further. From a user’s end, opens source means it is free and without a catch.

Becoming a top WordPress developer should be the aim of every developer. This is because it is one of the top platforms nowadays and it could offer great potentials for those who are interested in it.

About the Author

Jane Reyes is working as a writer, editor and blogger. Through my posts, I would like to share my skills & knowledge with Tech-Geeks residing across the globe.

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