5 Features to add to your social network software right now

Author: Bella Lingard
by Bella Lingard
Posted: Sep 12, 2017

Social networking siteBut for the likes of Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Snapchat, Myspace and LinkedIn, the world of social networking would have remained a very little fraction of the world wide web, and that’s if it has a share at all. Given the enormous social features and opportunities provided by these social networking platforms, more and more persons are starting to join these social networking sites, to take advantage of the vast networking, communication and sharing capabilities that they provide.How do these social networking websites make their money?

On the end of this social networking website, they are making a lot of money from offering this social networking service to their users. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. makes tons of money from data sales and from sales of advertisement to individuals, firms, and corporations. Facebook is a very popular advertising platform for anyone looking to grow their social media presence to grow their reach, audience and eventually income and reputation.

A huge opportunity for Entrepreneurs

This is a lot of revenue, and a lot of potential for entrepreneurs and business to invest in and tap from the revenue well in the social networking industry. To do this, Entrepreneurs and businesses can develop their own social networking site, attract users and start offering the services that website like LinkedIn offers; to leverage on this huge money-making opportunities social networking platforms provides.

Building a social networking platform

Social networking sites are complex and hard to build. All things being equal, developing a social networking site like Facebook requires a lot of coding expertise, design expertise, resources, time and man power to complete. This normally will take a lot of time (in matters of weeks, if not months) to complete and launch.Clone Scripts solve the problem

To build your own social networking platform like LinkedIn, you do not have to spend months doing your own design or writing your own code to build the entire system from scratch. Using a Social Network Script solves the problem.

5 features that you must add to your social network Software

For your social network software to meet the needs of users, and stand the competition, these 5 features must be added to your platform

  1. A mobile presence: The importance of mobile application for your business or platform cannot be overemphasized.
  2. Support for a wide range of file sharing and transfer: video, audio, pictures, documents etc.
  3. Easy login functionality: A very complex login or registration system is deterring and dissuading to users.
  4. Reliable admin support for users.
  5. A customizable and user-friendly dashboard.

These 5 features must be added to your Social Network Software, to ensure your business grows, keep your users and attract more users.

Which clone script to use

ProsNexus is a top quality social networking script, developed by clonescloud. Coded in PHP and top web technology, this social network software comes with all the features that you need to develop a true LinkedIn clone.

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