Insure You’re Home and Automobile to Prevent Flood Damages

Author: Emily Miller
by Emily Miller
Posted: Oct 11, 2017

Flood is the common enemy for house owners, water stuck in basement and some water issues, it can be difficult to get repair, and it can result in a high cost repair bill or home

insurance claim? Unfortunately, water damage is one of the most common forms of damage to homes and property.

Types of water damage:

Water damage comes in different sizes and shapes, as home owner you know the different kinds of water damage, here I have listed the types of water damages are:

Sewer backup from municipal water system

Severe weather (thunderstorms, excessive rain)

Overland flooding

Water seepage into your home (burst pipes, cracked walls, leaking roof)

Common Signs of Water Damage in Your Home:

Before it gets worse we can find the damage, Water damage prevention also involves knowing the common signs of water damage. Here are the most common signs you may have water damage at home after flood or any water disasters

Dampness Smell:

If you smell the dampness, your home likely to have water getting somewhere in your home. Identify the area of the strongest smell that is the source of water damaging area.


It is an indicative sign that water damage may present at your house. If you see mold anywhere in your home as professionals have look. It’s the important sign you should find the source of the issue, I it is not visible.

Dripping Sounds:

If you frequently hear the water flow or dripping, particularly behind or below the walls basement or in the bathroom, there is a perfect chance water is getting in or you have a plumbing issues, as a leaking pipe. Also keep an ear out for other un -common sounds, especially after running water.

Growing water bill:

If you can visibly notice your water bill going up without an increasing usability, behind water issue at play.

Peeling and Cracking:

See the signs of peeling and cracking paints of moisture build up. If you can notice a brownish color or satin, water could be pooling in the wall or ceiling.


Have you noticed baseboards or flooring starting too tremendous or warp? It’s a sign that water is getting in easily.

Which Types Of Water Damage Are Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Your home insurance will cover few of the water damage, but not all of it. It’s important to ensure you have the appropriate amount of coverage for water damage, and don’t make expectations about what is and is not covered. All insurance companies coverage for water damage differs.

You can also add other water damage protection inclusions (riders or extensions to your policy). Whichever home insurance coverage you opt for, we strongly recommend that you read and understand the exact water damage protection your home insurance will provide you. You don’t want to be amazed!

Standard Home Insurance Policies in Water Damage Coverage:

Every insurance companies covers the different types of water damage protection. The situations are:

Burst Pipes in your home

Water main breaks

Leakage from washing machine or hot water tank.

Sewer backups

Water Seepage

These are the main problems water damage occur:

Water damage is due to lack of proper maintenance.

Flood damage:

Flood damage and resulting the basement flooding not covered by standard home insurance policy. You will need to purchase additional overland flood insurance coverage also.

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