Quality through Six Sigma Way

Author: Mia James
by Mia James
Posted: Oct 13, 2017

Quality is a word that every organization has been focusing to attain, so that can stay competitive in the market. The process of attaining a high quality of output through the elimination of defects is an intent that has been gaining traction in industries across the world.

Six Sigma is a proven quality improvement methodology that drives business by boosting your revenues and transforms it into high profits.

There are many preeminent organizations integrating Six Sigma way to meet the quality standards and meet customer expectations. Six Sigma way genuinely has the potential to improve the quality of products and services impressively. Six Sigma quality improvement process has saved millions of dollars for many businesses. The process of accomplishing high levels of quality output through the elimination of defects and errors from a process in product development process.

Six Sigma is a systematic approach in order to identify the error that plays significant roles in improving overall business profit. All that is necessary is basic understanding of Six Sigma tools and Principles. However, the use of tools and the support from quality management required are often available only with those who have earned at least Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

Remarkable Benefits of Six Sigma Quality Improvement Projects

It doesn’t matter whether it is manufacturing or healthcare business, all work hard to achieve quality improvement goals. Over the years, organizations are incorporating Six Sigma way in order to improve, control and manage the quality of their products and services, but none of other methodology equalizes Six Sigma.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Six Sigma:

  1. Learn all the tools and techniques behind the Six Sigma Method.
  2. Learn the DMAIC and DMADV approach process.

3. Implement Six Sigma based projects in an organization.

  1. It can eliminate wasteful process in your organization.
  2. This methodology is known to bring about active participation to top management.

Six Sigma methodologies are designed to give answer to some question that can prove to be of great help to achieve total quality. In fact, Six Sigma defines a clear roadmap to achieve quality improvement goals:

Leadership Commitment: Top management not only activates Six Sigma deployment in a process, but it also plays major role in the whole deployment cycle. Six Sigma initiate by providing senior leadership with training in the principle and tools it needs to direct the development of a management infrastructure to support Six Sigma.

Customer Focus: Systems are developed for initiating close communication with external users (clients, end-users, suppliers, etc.) and with internal customers (employees). From suppliers to end users Six Sigma eliminates the defects.

Strategic Deployment: Six Sigma focuses the company resources: right tools, right support, right project, and right people on identifying and improving performances metrics that relate to bottom line success.

Integrated Infrastructure: Top leader defines and reviews project progress. The Master Black Belt acts as a technical coach and serves in-depth knowledge of quality tools. The Black Belt controls the project while green belt supports the black belt –together they form a Six Sigma project Team. Disciplined Framework: The Six Sigma Projects are implemented using DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve, and control) disciplined roadmap. Six Sigma is a framework for continuous business improvement. Six Sigma way and deployment makes it distinct from other quality initiatives. Six Sigma way involves the use of statistical tools within a structured methodology for reaping the knowledge wanted to attain better, faster and less expensive products and services than the competition.

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