“Term Insurance India” - How These 3 Words Can Financially Secure Your Future?

Author: Frank Kshirsagar
by Frank Kshirsagar
Posted: Oct 20, 2017

Life is full of ups and downs! You can’t predict what will happen tomorrow but you can prepare for it today. How you ask? Simple, just opt for a term insurance plan.

Now you’re wondering what the title has to do with any of this, well, this article will talk about the advantages of buying a term plan online. And to do this all you need to do is type, ‘Term Insurance India’ in your search engine and you should be on your way to a financially secure future, hence the title. So read on and discover just how simple it is to secure you financial future.

Before We Start, What Are Online Term Plans?

Online term plans are just what they’re offline counterparts are, only their sold over the internet instead of at a branch of the insurance provider. They provide the insured person one the highest term covers at one of the lowest premium payments.

Term plans give your beneficiaries a sum assured in case anything unfortunate and untoward were to happen to you within the term of the plan. If you outlive the tenure, you won’t receive any payout, unless you’ve opted for return of premium rider, in which case you will receive all the premiums you paid towards the plans.

What Are The Benefits Of Going Online?

Going in for a term plan online comes with its numerous benefits in comparison to their offline counterparts. Some of the major benefits are stated below.

Compare All Your Options & Make An Informed Decision.

You can get an ocean of choices by simply typing ‘Term Insurance India’ in your search engine. Out of the many search results, you will also find a number of aggregator sites that allow you to compare different plans against each other.

This allows you to systematically weigh your options in regards to cover amount, premiums amount, riders, tenures etc. What’s more is that, all this can be done from the convenience of your home, no need to visit the various branches of insurance providers. So convenient, so sorted.

Cost Benefits:

Buying online does away with many costs that you would otherwise have to take into account with an offline term plan. For one the insurance company saves on the cost of paper, overhead expenses & infrastructure expenditure.

These savings are passed onto you in the form affordable term plans, and discounts of up to 40%. What’s more is there no middle-man and hence any fee he or she might have charged you is also done away with.

An Umbrella Of One-Point, Automated Services:

The advantages of online term plans are not just limited to buying a plan! In fact, whether you buy a plan or not, you can always view and download plan brochures, view their terms & conditions and get a quote specific to your needs.

Besides this, you can also pay your premiums online and make claims too! You can also get online assistance, with many of the leading insurance providers offering you the option to speak with one of their representatives over the internet.

The chat opens up the moment you access the site and is very helpful for the less technically-savvy individuals.

Saying the internet is a boon is an understatement, especially, when you get so many advantages just by typing ‘

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