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 A Few Fantastic Health Benefits of Yoga teacher training in India

Author: Steve Davis
by Steve Davis
Posted: Feb 13, 2018

Since last few decades, Yoga has adopted to Social and cultural conditions of the west, acclaiming a multidimensional character and versatility. Though how much Yoga’s standing in the west, its true health benefits can be veiled in its true and traditional form through undertaking Yoga Teacher Training in India.

No doubt, Yoga gives slim and healthy body and glow to the skin but more to it, it gives Happiness. It is a discovery of self-transformation, transcendence, and removal of the mental clouds to enjoy the sunshine. It is also a program of unveiling the masks of our different hidden paradigms and come out to get reconnected with self and divine that would give ultimate bliss. In India yoga includes diet and philosophy, breath and spirituality and here you would feel and look beautiful now only from inside but outside also.

The Health benefits that you would get are

Mental peace and stability: Yoga is about mental peace and teacher training advocating and providing lessons that ensures calmness of mind, peace, and stability. With just a few minutes of meditation in the laps of nature, you would be able to control your wandering mind.

Refurbish your soul: Mantra chants are the soup for your soul. Vibrations generate positivity in the environment and have the direct impact on health. It improves immunity, calms the mind, balances the chakras, increases concentration and helps to reduce stress. Other yoga asanas in Yoga Teacher Training India enriches the soul and brings it to peace.

Help to Control Depression: Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh helps in controlled movements and breathing. These movements give you relief from mental depression and make the mind and body connected.

Reduce many psychological illnesses: In yoga teacher training there is more awareness and focus on alignment and balancing of the physical and mental body. If the mind, body, and energy are handled consciously, you can prevent yourself from all illnesses and many chronic ailments like back pain, tension, and anxiety.

You began to feel opened up: In India emphasis is on openness, opening of the muscles and building flexibility. The slow and stealthy movements you are aligned to attain physical and emotional balance and stable state of mind.

Opening of Chakras; Approach lies in opening of chakras, which is not only for healing purpose but for gaining occult power, as a systematic self knowledge and process. Yoga incorporates internal practices of mantra, pranayama and meditation which help in opening the different layers of chakras. As per the Yoga System, when you are in the ordinary state, chakras are closed, that is they do not generally function, and the reason behind it is our ignorance. Yoga teaches us to become aware of our body which is ultimately good for our health.

As the major emphasis on yoga teacher training in India is on giving the balance and connectivity to the body and mind, it ensures you a physical and emotional strength.

About the Author

Steve is a professional Yoga Trainer working for Ekam Yogashala in Rishikesh, India. You can ask anything related to health and fitness.

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