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Skin Cancer Can Give Rise to Other Cancer in Body- Know How

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Aug 26, 2018

As per the latest information shared on Medical News Today, people who are suffering from skin cancer are at higher risk of developing cancerous cells in other organs of the body too. Skin cancer is defined as one of the most common types of cancers that affect millions of people around the world. Among all the skin cancer types, the melanoma, BCC, and SCC are quite frequent.

Due to various medical tests and examination, our skin gets in touch with the UV light that damages the DNA, and which slowly gives rise to cancer. The cells of the body do have a special type of proteins that help in the repair and regeneration of the damage caused. Getting affected by skin cancer at an early stage is quite easy. However, unlike the other internal cancers, the skin cancer is easy to predict at earlier stages. According to the latest study that appeared in the journal ‘JCI INSIGHT,’ the BCC or the Basal Cell Carcinoma is helping the doctors to detect the risk factors that might cause due to other cancer cells in the body.

How Does Skin Cancer Act as the Predictor?

Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine have recently found that how the basal cell carcinoma cells can put an impact on someone’s future cancer risk. A study was conducted at this University with 61 people who are suffering from BCC. The scientists who are working on this experiment wanted to see whether the people have shown the mutation in the protein cells that are responsible for repairing the DNA damage. The result showed that about 20% of the people suffering from BCC have gone through mutation in the genes that are responsible for repairing the DNA damage. This is shocking. The result revealed that people who have developed 5 or more type of BCC during 10 years and more likely to cause other cancers like melanoma, blood, breast, colon, and prostate.

Establishing the Evidence

To make the result of the research firm and strong, the scientists at the Stanford University made use of a larger sample. They took the database of the insurance claim. This sample included more than 13 thousand people who have suffered from BCC or Basal Cell Carcinoma for more than 5-6 times. From this study, it was clear that the number of BCC someone had, there is more risk of other cancer as well. Thus, skin cancer specialists suggest that if you are suffering from BCC or any other type of skin cancer for more than six times within few years, you should conduct a check-up to find out whether you are suffering from other cancer or not.

In Australia, among three people, 2 of them have skin cancer when they reach 70 years of age. The rate of skin cancer is increasing day by day as this country gets direct UV light. For this, skin cancer check-up and treatment clinics are growing in importance these days. If you are staying in Australia and want to have a skin cancer check, you can consult a Darlington doctor or anyone near your residence.

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