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SellAnyHome - Key Tips to Sell Any House in UAE

Author: Kadir Ayoob
by Kadir Ayoob
Posted: Dec 06, 2017

Selling a home in general can be a challenging thing to do. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when selling a home. For starters, finding a reliable real estate agent can be challenging not only in the UAE but all over the world. Think of a home as an investment, and think of it as a way to make a lot of money. The better the home and its location, the better the price you get for it. Selling a home in the UAE can be a tedious task for some. Here are a few Key tips to make a fast home sale in the UAE.

Tips to Sell any Home in UAE

In order to sell a home fast, you need to keep certain things in mind. Home selling can be a challenge and if you don’t do it the right way, you might end up selling your home at a lower price. Here are a few tips to help you sell any home in the UAE.

Do a Market Research

It is important to research on the market value of homes in the neighborhood. The price at which you sell your home matters greatly for successful and fast home sale. Ask around the neighborhood for the price of the homes in the market or use online platforms to get an idea about the worth of your home. You need to price your home competitively in order to sell your home fast.

Improve the Appearance of the Home

The appearance of a home needs to be attractive to buyers. Start off with the curb appeal, if possible do some landscaping to improve the look of the home from the outside. The first thing any potential home buyer will look at when he or she comes to visit the home is the exterior. A home that is attractive from the outside will attract buyers to come look at what is in the inside of the home. If your home has a front porch, get it washed and decorated. Some home sellers decorate their home with lighting to attract buyers even at night. Also, if you have a lawn in the front or back of the home, get it mowed. Try to make the home as attractive as you can.

Declutter and Tidy to Sell Any Home Quickly

No one wants to buy a home that is messy. When a home buyer comes in to look at your home, he needs to feel at home in order to make a decision. A home that is dirty will not attract a potential home buyer. Get a storage unit to store items that you don’t want, clear the mess and depersonalize the home. Most home sellers dump things in the closets which is a bad idea. The closets and kitchen cabinets are areas that any home buyer would want to look at. It’s recommended to purchase a storage unit to help you store items you don’t want to throw away. It is important to depersonalize the home as much as you can. The buyer needs to be able to feel at home when in order to decide whether or not to buy the home.

Get the Home Evaluated

After preparing the home from the inside and outside, it is key to get the home evaluated. A home evaluation is done in order to get an exact estimate of the worth of the home. Most home sellers in skip this part, this usually leads to sellers selling their home at a lower price. There are 2 ideal ways to get your home evaluated in UAE. First is, to use the online home evaluation to get an exact worth of your home. Online home buying and selling platforms like offer a free online home evaluation. Simply fill out the form and get an estimate price quote. This service helps to sell any home in UAE. The second way is to consult real estate professionals to help insect and evaluate your home.

These tips can help you sell a home fast in the UAE. One needs to be patient when selling a home, finding the right home buyer that will purchase your home at the best price can take time.

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I am Ayoob Kadir, Working as Marketing Manager at SellAnyHome, the largest online home selling platform in the Middle East.

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