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How To Find Out The Best Plastic Jar Manufacturers In India

Author: Dev Nair
by Dev Nair
Posted: Dec 12, 2017

Commercial and industrial packaging supplies like jars, and other rigid containers are extremely important for manufacturing goods. Ranging from the large volume containers used to transport raw materials between businesses, to the plastic jars and bottles used for retailing consumer goods; these are among the more important supplies that brands depend upon. The best plastic jar manufacturers in India even make certain products from specific kinds of polymers which have distinct material properties, or resistivity against corrosive chemicals.

Though plastics are generally considered for packaging because they are cheap, disposable, and recyclable; they also reduce the weight of shipments considerably. Metal or glass containers would become extremely heavy during transportation; and severely increase the end cost of goods in the market. Moreover, there are certain materials like industrial solvents and alkaline solutions which cannot be transported easily unless they are carefully sealed in special types of plastic containers. Certain polymers are designed to help contain highly corrosive materials like organic acids. However, not all plastic jar manufacturers are capable of supplying such specific kinds of plastic varieties. The few companies who do; have their own research and development resources to test different polymers for chemical and physical attributes.

In the consumer goods industry, the required kind of plastics are very specific. For example, any food grade plastic materials cannot be made from recycled polymers. The molecular bonds of plastic begins to break down each time the material is heated and remolded. In the process, the plastic often gains certain mild toxic and carcinogenic properties. This is why only the biggest plastic manufacturers in the country have the credentials, production resources, and certification for making food grade or specific industrial application plastic materials.

The biggest polymer sheet and plastic jar manufacturers in India have a huge advantage over their global competitors. Neo-Polymers (plastic that have not been recycled) are produced as a byproduct of petroleum refining processes. India has one of the largest petrochemical industries in the world; providing plastic companies a constant source of high grade neo-polymers at extremely low rates. While the higher grade plastic goods made in other Asian manufacturing hubs like China are mostly made from recycled materials; Indian companies can offer the same products, made from neo-polymers, yet at much lesser costs!

Finding the best plastic jar manufacturers is a matter of carefully scrutinizing the company's resources and production practices. Several environmental protection policies and compliance certifications are also mandatory for plastic manufacturers. These days, some of the bigger manufacturers in India are making breakthrough developments in 'Green Plastics'. These are bio-polymers that disintegrate into the environment without any harmful side effects. However, these special new materials are still quite expensive for ordinary commercial purposes; though scientists are discovering new techniques to lower the production costs of these ecologically safe and universally applicable new materials.

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